A couple of months ago, a new Facebook group started called The Auricle Collective with the unique purpose of bringing together conscious music artists from around the world.

With music from different countries and genres, the artists were united under the common goal of bringing about positive change through the music they created.

The first group of artists below range from folk to Kirtan, adult contemporary to ambient trip-hop. We are sure that regardless of your musical taste or genre is, something will find its way onto your ipod from the artists below. Click on any album cover or download link to take you to the the Noisetrade website where you can download the full EP and other incredible songs to feed your soul.


I Am Light

I Am Light is the first single from LA artist Kimberly Haynes’ new album “In Dreams”.

With songs in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Sanskrit and Portuguese, the listener will be irresistibly drawn into the heart space with unique and lilting versions of familiar, beloved songs and prayers. The vibrant instrumentation includes charango, sansula, medicine drums, didgeridoo, monolina and other instruments both exotic and familiar.Bathe in the enchanting vocals of Kimberly Haynes in her exquisite new single, “I Am Light” which is available from iTunes from June 15. The iTunes link for the single and the album In Dreams can be found here.



Annmarie Soul is a singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles’s Topanga Canyon. Her new single Phoenix just released in May 2018 is a song about redemption, freedom, letting go, and rising from the ashes. Her music video for Phoenix has begun to go viral having struck a cord within the global community during these times of great change and transformation.

Annmarie’s music speaks of love, healing and hope, and offers listeners a direct path to the heart. Her most recent album, Back to the Garden released in 2016, is a collaboration with Ben Leinbach, the producer and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work with devotional artists Jai Uttal and Deva Premal.

LA Yoga Magazine says “ Annmarie’s voice maintains an intimacy with the listener—as if she’s performing just for you on her porch in the early morning hours.” “This entire album has a lovely simplicity that makes it accessible to people of all ages and musical aptitudes, with enough appeal to reach well outside yoga and devotional circles.”

Annmarie’s songs have also been featured in films, including the title track ‘Summer Moon’ for the 2009 feature Dark Moon Rising, and her song ‘I Lose Gravity’ in the independent feature film Take, starring Minnie Driver.

Currently, Annmarie is releasing her new single Shine along with a music video this summer 2018, and working on her full length album entitled Illuminate due 2019.

We have included the video for Phoenix which we hope you enjoy.


Ocean, Carry Me

Once the high-volume lead guitarist of Femme Fatale (MCA/Atlantic) and The Sharks (AKA Mick Nichols), Michael J Downey has made waves around the world with an acoustic/pop/rock solo career.

His release, america (2007), reached #6 on the national Adult Contemporary charts. Touring almost exclusively in East Asia from 2004 – 2009, Michael’s mission has been to create a cultural bridge through his music and through his non-profit organization, Hashi.org, which is dedicated to facilitating cultural exchange between America and East Asia.

More recently, Michael’s attention has turned inward and found expression in the spiritual/world music of Kirtan and mantras and the ambient/new age music of his new album ‘AWAKENING’.

Ocean, Carry Me is the first single release and speaks to the connectedness of us all. Vocal contributions to the song include Johanna Beekman and Charanpal.

Download the single on the link below or click the image to watch the video.


Ram Cycle (The Pan Electric Remix)

Aarti Jadu and Matt Coldrick started making an album of traditional Indian Devotional songs, but ended up interpreted them in a unique way.

Ram Cycle is a perfect example of how different and unique the collection can be with a track that is inspired by UK’s Massive Attack. With no lyrics on Ram Cycle, Aarti’s vocals become an instrument that matches Matt’s electro-acoustic sound.

Quiet Earth is a double album of Bhajans which also includes ambient and chill remixes of the songs, bridging the gap between world music and the chill/trip hop scene.

The pair originally met in Melbourne Australia in 2013 at an Indian Music recital in a church where they were invited to improvise a Bhajan together un-rehearsed and having never previously met.

The result is Quiet Earth. A full copy of the album is available here.



Mahadeva is from the upcoming album “Bhajan ReBeats”, remixes of the acclaimed album by Mala Ganguly, “Bhajan Beats”. It features sacred chants and grooves with guest vocals by Donna De Lory and Didjeridu from renown ‘Didj-master’ Stephen Kent. Deep and mystical, let the sounds take you to another realm, the one inside your heart.

David Vito Gregoli  is a producer, composer and multi-Instrumentalist who has worked with Grammy Award Winner Ricky Kej and creates genre-defying music that is fresh and expansive. Vito’s early musical roots are in pop, rock, jazz and blues. He was hailed as a guitar virtuoso in his teens and worked regularly around the L.A. club scene. Vito soaked up technique and style, and took a right turn in college with classical music leading him to scoring film, TV and theatre projects, and eventually developing his own label, Dharmapala Records.

Mala Ganguly was born in Kolkata, Bengal, and is pioneering Indian Classical Music usage in mainstream American commercials. She is highly acclaimed within and without the Indian communities for her golden “mellifluous” voice, virtuosity, & spontaneous vocal improvisations. Her vast repertoire includes Light North Indian Classical, Ghazals, Thumries, Bhajans, Geets, & Qawwalis (devotional songs). She sings in Bengali, Urdoo, Punjabi, Hindi, Oriya, & English.

As program manager and host of Soul Traveller Radio, Shayne's intention is to bring about change through his love of independent and conscious music. With a background in IT and media marketing, Shayne also runs ST Media - Positively Digital - http://stmedia.me - which helps artists and companies with media and marketing.