frankincenseWelcome to the first post on behalf of the Qollari Essentials Project’s collaboration with Soul Traveller Radio and A Sound Life.  We are delighted to share these gifts of the Earth with readers and listeners, to empower healers in every home and to plant seeds in the gardens of our budding philanthropists all around the globe

Frankincense  – The King of Oils. Long revered as one of the most potent and holiest of oils Frankincense is probably most well known as forming part of a holy gift given to the baby Jesus at birth. In that instance the oil was given as a precious symbol of divinity and as such leads us to our first clue about the valuable qualities of this oil.

Frankincense oil has long been used as a sacred component in spiritual, religious and ritualistic practices, acting as a powerful anointing agent and offering a gateway to the Divine, to Source, to a connection to all that just is, through balancing and opening the 7th chakra, the crown chakra.

On a physical level Frankincense has an affinity for the nervous system, the spinal cord and the brain and unlike most medicinal substances it is able to permeate the blood brain barrier, giving rise to tremendous healing potential within these structures .

On an emotional level Frankincense is a potent stabiliser of the nervous system. It can assist us during times of overwhelm, confusion, apathy and distress, enhancing clarity of the mind through deepening our heart connection during meditation. Frankincense is a beautiful platform for inner peace and will promote a stronger sense of well-being.

Spiritually, Frankincense will support our own personal awakening and empowerment – clearing the energetic obstacles to restore and renew a clear and open pathway to accessing our own natural intuition, and from this sacred space we are ready to receive. Ready to receive Divine guidance and grace as we move through self doubt to self love.

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Information detailed within applies only to the highest grade pure therapeutic oils as used and shared by the Qollari Essentials Project

QOLLARI ESSENTIALS PROJECT is creating a new model of ethical business, by promoting the highest quality essential oils with a portion of the proceeds going towards A SOUND LIFE a wonderful charity that aims to bring yoga and music into hospitals and schools. Contact us @ Articles written by Samantha Goldsmith for the Qollari Essentials Project and Soul Traveller Radio. My Name is Samantha Goldsmith, I am a Presenter, an Educator, a Nurse, an Earth Mother in fabulous shoes, and I am bubbling over with passion for all things health, wellness, empowering and uplifting. Contact me at