Surfing As Meditation


Enjoying the Flow and Leaving the Grid Behind

Meditation, prayer or even positive thought there is one thing that a lot of people struggle with…moving your mind aside so you can allow spirit to work within you. This seems to be the most common comment that my partner Tanya hears when she is holding her meditation classes.

And the truth is, we all struggle with it at one point in our journey. I recently came across a study that said we are bombarded with anywhere between 3,000 and 20,000 messages everyday. Is it any wonder that the mind is the one thing we find the hardest to shut off. This constant connection to technology is commonly known as the Grid.

Unless we live an isolated existence, we all are subject to the grid at some point in our day. If you are a business person like me, you are plugged in constantly – phones, computers, tv’s, radios…and yes sorry to use the F word – Facebook – one of the biggest contributors to our daily message intake.

Some are positive and some are negative however they are all messages that do nothing to quieten the mind. So how do we remove ourselves from the grid of cluttered, chaotic energy and tap back into the pure universal energy of Source.

Several years ago, some good friends of mine, Michael and Cheryl Johnson, took a big purple couch to the beach and invited people to sit and tell their story. The Purple Couch caused a stir and won an Emmy in the process but the story that captured my attention was by a guy called Will Marre´ the founder of Thought Rocket.

Will explains that activities such as surfing are a form of active meditation because it takes us out of the flow of daily life…away from the grid…and into a different flow. The flow is you, your board and the ocean.

“Everything that is going on is controlled by the grid; the media, financial, industrial business complex that fills the air with messages about what we should think, what we should do, what we should buy. We have lost our ability to have any quiet time to think. We don’t even know what to think because our thoughts are delivered in a pre-fabricated way – here is your McDream.”

Will continues, “Surfing to me is unique because you sit in the water in this tranquil way, waiting for waves to come, totally at peace. A wave comes and you paddle as hard as you can then you are up to your feet. All you are trying to do is flow with the wave. You aren’t trying to fight the wave, you are just in this flow state.”

Will Marre´ describes meditation as the ability to listen to the deep identity of your soul. “It is hard to unplug from the grid and do it. When I am surfing and in the flow, I feel unplugged and I see a perspective that is so different…it gets you out of your worry state, out of your clutter and into what you are doing in the fullest possible way.”

So to completely understand active meditation, you have to view it as not just releasing your mind and changing your thinking; you have to release everything, mind body and spirit to the activity so that you have unplugged completely.
Steve_Gold-1690Steve Gold, singer and teacher who has collaborated with Deepak Chopra and Yoga Guru, Shiva Rea, recently mentioned to me in an interview on Soul Traveller Radio that he cannot stand having a day pass where he is not in contact with the ocean in some form. When he is there he never wants it to end. Wave time is his form of active meditation.

“Obviously seated meditation is not for everybody. Being able to sit and just observe the breath is a practice for monks. Active meditation is any form of activity where you lose a sense of time and leave behind the chatter of the mind, whether a sport or singing, playing the guitar, or certainly surfing.”

Lucky enough to embrace both passions, singing and surfing, Steve also sees that it is a connection with flow and breath. “Letting go of tension and being flooded by an awareness of what the tension was, then allowing the relaxation to come through is very accessible in surfing. If there is a Zen quality at all, it is found sitting on the board and floating on the surface.”

(Steve Gold’s full interview can be heard at

The Zen of Surfing sounded like a great title for a book on active meditation but can it really be as simple as both Will and Steve described. Could the act of sitting on a board provide your daily dose of meditation.

To find out more about Surfing as Meditation read the rest of the article in Issue 3 of Sage Magazine

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