The Shimmering Sounds Of Leigh Ann Phillips

An afternoon at the home of Leigh Ann Phillips on the island of Oahu in her sacred space surrounded by an astounding collection of crystal bowls was truly a dollop of syrup for the soul.

Leigh Ann is an award-winning singer, songwriter, sound healing practioner, lecturer and teacher. Following her spiritual song has been a very humbling path for Leigh Ann, her deep reverence and love for the bowls is infectious and she feels that the beauty for all of us being here right now on Earth is that we are getting to make a choice and the choices that are more constructive, are the ones that are really bringing in some amazing energies and tools to ‘raise it all up’.

The Shimmering Sounds Collection of crystal bowls that Leigh Ann has personally created are just some of the tools that can assist all of us in this powerful process of expansion and healing.rose-quartz-bowl

For many years Leigh Ann has aligned with her teachers, Dr Mitchell Gibson and his wife Archarya – they gave permission for Leigh Ann to use specific mandalas that have purposefully been etched onto the crystal bowls in The Shimmering Sounds Collection, they are visually unique with a specific purpose for the three things that most of us want to improve in our life – health, relationships and finances.

Leigh Ann that mandalas are really ‘frozen mantras’, you are looking at sound in art because all geometric patterns emanate an energy based on the geometric shapes. The gift of sound is that it opens up the perceptional doors between logic and intuition; there is a magic window, so just by hearing the sound of the bowls you are building brain cells. You literally have more brain cells in your one brain than there are stars in the known universe!

The first crystal bowl in the series is etched with the peace, healing and blessings mandala; this ancient mandala in a primordial language gives energy just by looking at it – play the bowl, and you increase and empower that energy. Aquamarine was the gem stone chosen to help eradicate deconstructive energies so that fear no longer runs the show.

We clear our Dantian (our energy centre) by feeling it through our emotions. We have palaces in our Dantian – literally places of higher energies that live in our body, so people get ill because their houses or palaces are not pure and need purification, sound greatly assists in the process of purification.

The second crystal bowl is for prosperity; rose quartz and pearl infused with Pikake – a fragrant flower native to Hawaii and used in leis and Buddhist ceremonies and also a touch of vanilla. Vanilla is like mother’s milk, it is very nurturing. This ancient mandala is etched not once but four times around the bowl.

Prosperity is not just about money in the bank, it is about a deep level of peace, connecting to the emanations of Divine Creative force that run through our bodies and allow us to receive on many levels and actually bring in life!

The third bowl is a protector – made of Moss Agate with Apache Tear Obsidian. Moss Agate is very powerful for amplifying the bioenergetic field. The Apache Tear has a facet to the stone that helps with grief and with clearing. This mandala is about releasing and removing attachments or anything negative that may be preventing us from living an inspired life.

Leigh Ann shared that any mandala can be put up to four times on any bowl, but suggests it be the same mandala – one intention at a time. There are other gemstones such as amethyst, emerald, moldevite, citrine,  turquoise, carnelian, black tourmaline, lepidolite and many others. Leigh Anne will be creating bowls with gemstones never used before for the bowls… “There is a spiritual empowerment that I have learned from the many years of spiritual learning from Acharya and Dr. Gibson that has “supercharged” the bowls. I am finding that these are the bowls people are drawn to, because of the spiritual energy imbued in them. The mandalas actually emanate a certain kind of energy, and the sound from the bowl enhances and amplifies that intention. Can you tell I love what I do? (smile)”.

Two new lines of bowls are in the design process; one of Hawaiian gemstones, flowers and trees that are being infused into the quartz. The upcoming one is sunstone with Haleakala essence, a combination of pines and trees high above Maui near Mt. Haleakala. Haleakala means, “House of the Rising Sun.” The other one is the Baby Bowl line.

These bowls are to help the young soul about to be birthed and once he/she is born. Between the ages of 0 and 2, most babies are still coming into this world. Often they will be going back and forth between their past life and the newly formed life.

That is why they are mostly asleep, they are literally going back and forth. Between the ages of 2 and 6, children are mostly in a theta brain state, absorbing the energies of their environment. This is also where children will pick up the energetic patterns of their parents subconsciously, and unconsciously. The baby bowls are designed to avoid those energetic pit falls, and have the sound be their built-in alpha system. For more information visit 

Leigh Ann’s newly released album ‘Mik’ael’, available through Spirit Voyage is an exquisite collection of songs that will open your heart to the meditative energies contained within the sound of the crystal bowls and their mandalas. To further amplify the energy, the songs have been recorded in Enochian, the sacred language of the angels. This beautiful healing music offers a bridge between the celestial worlds and earth and will illuminate your sacred space and spirit beyond belief!

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