Like a wave of yoga carnivals, Yoga Day Festival swept around Australia extending the gifts of yoga and meditation across 6 locations, in celebration of United Nations World Yoga Day. Reaching around 5000 people nationally, Yoga Day Festival has quickly become known as Australia’s fastest growing FREE yoga party!

Each festival boasted a smorgasbord of fantastic activities – yoga, asana classes, meditation, live kirtan (chanting), yoga dance, kids activities, workshops, vegetarian food and more. From nomadic tents and tepees, to lantern clad stages and giant mandala wall hangings, Yoga Day Festival went all out. Our colourful decorations were almost as bright as the smiles on people’s faces.

Performers at Gold Coast Yoga Day Festival 2016The clear effect of the festival was apparent at all locations – the relaxed, happy faces and friendly interaction between festival-goers summed up everything we all love about yoga – the sense of unity;that we are all one as a family and that we can come together to embody peace and live in harmony.

The enthusiasm of the community was contagious; with sponsors and contributors requesting partnerships before the festival sponsorship campaign was even launched. Eager to get involved and be affiliated with what we had to offer, a number of large companies took the initiative to fund major components of the festival. Local governments Australia wide jumped right on board. The Vege Chip Company and The Australian School of Mediation and Yoga were our major financial contributors, offering grants that enabled the setup of the festival to boast quality equipment and comfortable settings for the thousands of attendees.

Darwin Yoga Day Festival 2016-2Featuring some of Australia’s top event locations, the festival peppered the coastline of our country; from the foreshores of Darwin, to the beautiful beaches of Burleigh and Byron Bay. Adelaide was held at The Sanctuary, Adelaide Zoo and Brisbane filled the Royal Convention Centre. The venues became a haven for the community to come together and immerse themselves in a day of yoga paradise.

Yoga Day Festival is fast becoming Australia’s most loved FREE yoga experience. We cannot wait to bring the festival to the community again and in the coming years! And bigger and better of course! Look out for Yoga Day Festival in June 2017.

“It was amazing to see so many people experiencing the benefits of yoga to nourish mind, body and soul, and discovering that sense of inner peace and happiness….” Kalindi, Darwin

Peace. Love. Unity = Yoga Day Festival!!

By Samantha Doyle





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