An invisible force is demanding the attention of each of us, an invisible force that up until now has perhaps been relatively silent but never complacent.

This force, this strength, this power, is in fact our own Soul, and its desire is to move us into vaster and more expanded states of awareness, and in anticipation, it also aches for an intimate relationship with it’s Human form.

My own journey back to Soul Self could almost read like a science fiction novel to an outsider and in 2005 after 20 intense years of service as a psychic medium and author for Spirit, I arrived at my own inner spiritual crossroads seeking something far deeper for myself than what I was experiencing.

And it was at this crossroads that Min appeared, an ancient Egyptian consciousness and soon to be devoted guide. And at the time of this fated meeting I did not realise that he would be of such profound assistance to me and countless others in the journey back to what I had been searching for…. the love and intimacy of my own Soul.

I have now been Min’s ‘physical vehicle’ for 9 precious years and have personally experienced and applied his advanced and practical teachings to my own life and have no language to express my gratitude for his grace. Min’s intentions and teachings are always expressed from the purest love and this has been displayed very tangibly on more than one occasion when I have broken down after a public transmission, unable to hold back my deepest emotions of love for him and the honor I feel to be of service to Spirit in this way.

I am often asked what is it like to be a trance channel for such a Being from the Spirit world and I must say that to begin with it was a huge challenge to completely surrender to such a powerful force.

In the early days I would struggle with our energetic union and become very tired afterwards, but as I learnt to let go and trust Min’s detailed instruction on the trance process, I began to find myself more energized after every transmission. My deepest fears of relinquishing personal control have been replaced with my deepest faith in the Spirit world and its pure intention to serve all of us. And more recently I have been honored to be asked by Lord Maitreya, also known as The World Teacher to many, to be one of his channels at this remarkable time of our human evolution

Jennifer Starlight & Peter Harris established The Invisible College on the Gold Coast, Australia to create a sacred platform for the empowering and practical teachings and healing techniques that have been gifted to them by Spirit, which include The Diamond Light Temple Activations & Elemental Medicine Training. They also offer powerful transformational sessions and personal transmissions with Min. More information is available at their website.