Welcome to Soul Seed’s Recommended Retreats  Advertorial– Your Guide To Conscious & Transformational Holidays presented by Cheryl Slater of Soul Seed Travel. This month we focus on healing and wellness in New Zealand, Sri Lanka &  Bali

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1. Retreat 1 

Palm Beach, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Wild Yoga and Extreme Sports Road Trip, New Zealand, December 8-20

Life begins on the other side of fear. The concept of this adventure is to take you to the other side and start living the life fear has held you back from.

This road trip is about bringing together Yoga off the mat into the wild and experience some of the most extreme sports along the way. A unique and exclusive road trip in the beautiful North Island of New Zealand, 12 days, 8 destinations – helping people to overcome their fears and fulfil some life ambitions whilst simultaneously enriching the mind body and soul through the power of breath, yoga and meditation.

It’s an experience of a life time and and we are ready to take you on this ultimate adventure. We will be on this journey together, setting boundaries and also stepping out of our comfort zone. Learning the benefits of having a balance of both – Yin and Yang – the calming and the thrill/excitement aspects of life and how they work together harmoniously. Bringing yoga and extreme sports together and understanding about the benefits both have will enable you to live a life of freedom

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2. Retreat 2

Yoga and Ayurveda – Breathing Life Into Your Life Retreat, Sri Lanka, April 9-18

If you want to learn how you can truly be in charge of your thoughts, actions and the whole of your life, then join Michaela Olexova for this transformative Yoga and Ayurveda retreat in the world renowned Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort in Sri Lanka.

This is your chance to explore, balance and connect with your prana or the life force energy to help you release tension and blockages throughout your body and mind in order to create more space to connect with yourself from the physical to the deepest spiritual level of your being.

Designed to inspire, transform and enhance your wellbeing through the combined science of Yoga and Ayurveda, two of the most effective and practical self-healing methods to reduce the effects of stress on your body and mind. Michaela promises you a fun life transforming experience so you can return home glowing on the outside and feeling fantastic on the inside!

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3. Retreat 3

Iyengar Yoga Retreat in Bali with Asaf Hacmon, 6th – 13th January 2016

The Iyengar yoga retreat in Bali with Asaf Hacmon is hosted in one of Bali’s most spectacular spots, overlooking the Eastern Balinese sea, nested inside lush tropical landscapes, we will spend a week in yoga immersion and deep relaxation in an exclusive pampering resort. Our retreat resort is located in a sprawling valley by the side of the ocean with a private beachfront land for guests to relax and enjoy panoramic views over the Lombok Strait.

The villa is designed with attention to detail in every corner across the expanses of its pristine gardens and bountiful land. It boasts a beautiful emerald infinity pool where swimmers can either swim laps or just float with magnificent views of the ocean.

Asaf is a highly experienced Iyengar yoga teacher on a Jr Intermediate III level with vast experience offering unique yoga retreats around the world.  Each class is infused with stimulating non-dogmatic yoga philosophy and moments of meditation. Since we are in the sacred island of Bali with its devotional Hindu culture, we will weave into our classes some inspiration from classical Indian mythology.

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