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On October 9, 2010, at the age of 86, Australian born, Gloria Crystal “Teddy”Key passed away at her Florida home, her family by her side.  Nineteen days later, her lilting Australian voice began to communicate with her eldest daughter, Frances, about the scope and wonder of her new perspective from the afterlife state. This remarkable collection of insights, written in less than a year and divided into four books, has astounded friends, family and a growing circle of readers with its unique analogies, depth of wisdom, and unusual outlook on the human experience.

Teddy conveys that each soul is on the Earth as a member of a spiritual Team, with overarching and specific missions in life. She reveals how various Teams work through what appear to be “individuals” and how there’s so much more than meets the eye to our relationships, environment, and impulses. Find out more below

The TEAM BOOKS: A Mother Wisdom From The Other Side

From Book Two

“I share with you now a set of ideas that may be different from what you are familiar with. You may find that you need to suspend some familiar and deeply rooted impressions in order to be able to grasp what is being said in this segment. For this reason do we say, “Let Truth be free.” That which rings true for you, may you embrace. That which does not, please gently release.

First, I ask you to suspend the idea that you have come to the Earth only to grow. Rather, I ask you to consider that you have come to the Earth to assist with the evolution of the consciousness of the planet, and in the process of doing so, you grow. In other words, you are here primarily to assist, and the by-product of that assistance is personal growth.” The Team Books: A Mother’s Wisdom from The other Side

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