Within each of us resides all that we require, to live this life to its fullest potential—to be and do all that we’ve come here to experience and be part of, as unique individuals and as part of a global community. That special place inside each of us is our divinely designed sacred heart. This invaluable treasure contains our innate power to co-create without limitations, for the highest good of all.

Your sacred heart is a priceless portal. It provides higher guidance; it enables limitless connections; it gives you access to infinite knowledge and wisdom; it allows you to powerfully discern; it manifests your desires in their highest forms; and so much more.

Your life’s path is uniquely yours—and your sacred heart intimately knows it. Every sunrise you receive the gift of another day, filled with countless possibilities that you can choose from. With your divine heart’s higher guidance, you can discover what you’re truly capable of—your personal GPS that knows no limits. You can walk your own path and stand in your truth with more confidence and courage as needed. You can gain powerful lessons from your shadows, recognize the gifts in your challenges and experience expansive bliss in oneness. You can take leaps of faith and travel the unknown despite not having guarantees or a known outcome. Your sacred heart’s higher guidance co-creates opportunities and aligns you with divine flows of magick to support you on your path that it knows so well. As long as you trust and honour it, it will take care of you.

The universal language of love, understood by all forms of life and consciousness, has no boundaries—it is limitless and pure as the highest frequency of energy. Your sacred heart is its infinite source. Through it you can consciously connect with beings of any dimension or realm and nurture harmonious relationships and alliances. This love transcends all illusions of separateness so that suffering can end. Your divine heart holds the key to joyous harmony and deeply meaningful connections with all forms of life.

Through the portal of your sacred heart, you have access to an incredible abundance of knowledge and wisdom—about yourself and everything in existence. It knows with a divine awareness, who you truly are and how your life intricately contributes to the greater whole. It continuously invites you to discover all that you are and all the ways your magnificent spirit can make our world a better place every day. Together you can create miracles in profound yet simple ways.

The ability to discern is more important now than ever before. Your sacred heart allows you to do so with a clear “knowing” so that you can eliminate doubt and make the best choices. It also manifests your heart desires in their greatest forms possible, beyond what your mind can even imagine. Outcomes are always for the highest good of all when you choose and manifest from your divine heart, for it exists beyond polarities and isn’t linear—its higher perspective considers All as a whole, and the benefits have ripple effects that continue beyond time and space as we know it.

Do you hear the whispers (or roars!) of your sacred heart? We’re now being called as individuals of this beautiful global family, to remember the innate power of our divine true nature and this invaluable gift we’ve been given to support us at all times. The time has come to recognize the infinite potential we have within us, and to listen to and trust our divine hearts, so that each of us can live a soul-fulfilling, empowered life aligned with our unique paths—a life guided from higher awareness and love. It holds infinite benefits for all of us and this beautiful world we’re privileged to live in.


(Featured image of heart galaxy by unknown artist/photographer.)