I remember as a child, running around with a broom handle that I was sure was a lightsaber quoting Yoda “The Force is strong with this one!” To the young mind the idea of being a Jedi and using the force was so exciting, so real. There was a mysticism about the concept that soon dwindled with the prequel trilogy that proclaimed the Force was only available to certain bloodlines (Anakin was born from midi-chlorians – the scientific explanation of the force). Bloody science! What a way to ruin childhood fantasies!

Okay…spoilers…stop reading if you haven’t seen the movie!

With the new addition to the Star Wars franchise, I am here to say my faith has been restored. The Force is for everyone. Rey was a child born of ordinary parents yet the Force is very strong in her. I will try not to spoil too much of the movie suffice to say that I was completely entranced to hear Luke’s explanation of what the Force actually is and (light-bulb moment), it is no different to what we as spiritual beings in earthly bodies understand to be truth.

It is possibly the worst kept secret of the Star Wars franchise but the Force is an energy within us all that can be used for good or bad. Creation or destruction. Good or Evil. Yin or Yang…wait isn’t that the fundamental basics of spirituality? You bet. And according to George Lucas, himself, the original movie was developed to bring an understanding of spirituality to young viewers. Little did he realise the impact it would have on our whole culture.

When we learn the truth about Rey’s parents we realise that everyone can access the Force – not just the Jedi Masters or those with Skywalker blood ties. Now it all makes sense. In last year’s Rogue One we found out that Chirrut Imwe, a man devoted to the Force, is connected with it through faith. This should have been an indication of the direction that was going to be taken in The Last Jedi. The final scene with the servant boy holding the Force-broom was an indication of what we can expect in number 9 – the force being used by everyone (see I knew I was right – a broom lightsaber).

We can all access the force, the energy, the Qi. Concepts throughout the Star Wars universe are all available to us now in this new world of the Shift. All it takes is connection…connection with Spirit…connection with ourselves…and connection with our tribe. We can be indwellers of the light…but just as we can be powerful in the positive, we can be equally destructive in the negative (as beautifully shown through the interaction between Kylo Ren and Rey).

The new movie is a welcome addition to the Star Wars story and a very welcome revelation of what the Force really is. is it God? Is it energy? Is it life force?…the answer is all of the above. It is tapping into the God within us. It is the new paradigm. It is the connection with Spirit. It is the Universal Consciousness…the light within all of us.

40 years on from the first Star Wars movie, the franchise has finally got it right. THE FORCE IS FOR EVERYONE.


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