The path of alchemical transformation is full of paradox and peril. Pitfalls and pratfalls. Archons and angels..

Goodness and madness, demons and delight.

This is the perfect framework for spiritual awakening.

Awakening to the soul is a work of many lifetimes practice. But we do wake up.

The Tower is the spiritual accelerator pedal. It makes the process happen much faster.

The Tower is a reckoning machine.

The Tower will delete you. The Tower will complete you.

The Tower is a climax for the soul.

But first: we gotta repair (and prepare) ourselves to effectively receive and embody this awakening.

Get ourselves ready so we can bring it in..
live it out and
..make it count.

The Tower reveals that there is a secret.

A secret sleeping deep inside.
Inside each and every one of us.

By its very nature this secret is mysterious, miraculous and incredibly powerful.

It is best awoken slowly. Its strong stuff.
A little goes a long way.
Its the truth of who we really are.

What we really are.
All that we have ever been.
And all we must become.

We each contain this tremendous energy inside of us.

It is best awoken slowly.

Ideally it is awoken in stages, each following adequate preparation.

Reach for the secret too soon.. and you could be headed for disaster.

But heres the thing:

Many people never reach for it at all.

Yet sometimes.

Sometimes the secret reaches for you.
You will not be ready for this should it happen.
No one ever truly sees it coming.

And even if you did.

Radical surrender is the only game left in town.

The Tower!

The Tower is what happens when your soul shows up in the middle of the cosmic night and says:

“Hey Baby – I aint waitin no more. Lets party.”

And then its on. Ready or not.

You will be wanting to keep a strong heart and a low profile.
You will learn who your friends truly are.
Its gonna be a bumpy ride.

Where you can – work within silence. Silence can be a very powerful way to keep yourself on track in difficult times.

You can’t really prepare.
But if you can, prepare to let go.
Anything that isnt right in your life will begin to.. disintegrate.

Right before your very eyes.

It hurts like hell and thats a good sign, after all:
.. the spiritual journey isnt just about being filled with truth.

Forget about edification.
This trip means purification.

Its a plunge and its a purge.
A blind and at times bloodied ordeal.
An abrupt expulsion of all within you that is false, adulterated and just-plain-wrong.

It can also be a time of exquisite beauty and radical self-determination.

But first: a great cleansing must come.

All that shit that they put in you:
Its time to clear the garbage OUT.

You’ll be wanting a couple of tools to clean up with:

Take a look at prayer and meditation.

Bear in mind: religious beliefs (or lack of them) need not be a part of this practice.

Prayer and meditation is about communication and listening.

At the end of the day its you tapping into you.
Cultivating an inner-personal lifeline.
One that will always be there – especially during hard times.

Prayer is how to talk to the soul. Ask it what it wants you to know.
Simply set intention..
and ask.

Be real with yourself.

And if you desire to pray to another:

Pray to Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Kali, Family, Source or Soul.
Pray to Ozzy Osbourne if it makes you happy.

(cause feeling counts)

Pray for:
Guidance. Protection. Empowerment. Direction.

Try prayer in the morning and in the evening.. meditate.

What is meditation?

Meditation is how to listen to the answers that the soul will soon provide you as a result of the seeds you sow within daily prayer.

Some people do well sitting quietly for 20 mins or so while focussing upon the breath. Others tune in better with a guitar or a glass of wine in their hand.

You’ll figure it out.

The main thing: set intention for recieving, relax and just listen.
Then listen some more.

Prayer and meditation are key to making it through this Tower stuff alive and in one piece. Think of it as an adventure! Because thats what it truly is.


We are not here to service mortgages.
We are not here to fill our driveways full of toys.
We are not here to fill our heads full of noise and our hearts full of impossible standards.

We are here to awaken the sleeping God/ess inside of ourselves.
We are here to bring divine energy into our everyday lives.
We are here to awaken and emerge. We are here to service the soul.

And if the Tower should come and wake you up first:

Hold on and let go.
Just let it happen.

The soul knows how to guide your evolution : thats its job.
Teaching you how to listen : thats The Towers job!

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