Ancient Wisdom with Kenneth Cohen

This week on Chi Time we find out all about the power of Qigong for 21st century living with world renowned teacher, author and researcher Master Kenneth Cohen.

Kenneth chats with me about why Qigong is so good for us, how easy it is to access its many benefits, the science behind the moves and meds, the different spellings, the link with Taiji, plus he describes part of the Primordial Qigong sequence he will be sharing in June for Conscious Living Events and includes reports of fake Qigongers and the state of play re Qigong in modern day China.

Bursting with top level information you will enjoy getting up to speed with. Below is the interview and after that a bit of information about Master Kenneth Cohen.

Keep your ch’i up 🙂

Clara Apollo’s Chi Time with Kenneth Cohen

Kenneth Cohen Information

From Colorado USA a world class well respected Grand Master Qigong teacher, author, writer, researcher, Ken Cohen, who speaks fluent Chinese and clearly embraces a depth of experience in this honoured tradition. It is such an honour to welcome to Chi Time, the man who has augmented my Qigong training over the passed 20+ years via his videos and book ‘The Way Of Qigong – the Art & Science of Chinese Energy Healing,’ clearly recommended to anyone truly interested in the history, the internal and the personal expression of Qigong – energy cultivation skill.

Kenneth CohenKen shares key insights on how these methods are becoming more popular as a mind body soul harmonising movement mediation practice, which really can underpin everything you do. From golf to painting, playing music or writing, cooking, working, Qigong offers you ways to unwind tension and anxiety and replenish with fresh energy, chi or qi, calm clarity and firm focus.

He describes Taiji as a most popular form of Qigong, we mostly know this spelt as Tai Chi, and therein lies a story about spelling and traditional translation choices.

Ken drops in occasional sentences of fluent Chinese as he tells Daoist tales to explain what Qi is in relation to Nature and the breath.

He explains how a whole host of disorders like diabetes, cancers, heart disease chronic fatigue to name a few key epidemics, can be abated and prevented with regular practice. 

Seems pretty essential to learn at this time of increased world tension and wish for global peace. 

Qigong brings us back to ourselves, where its real support is appreciated, and, from that resource, we can be of better service to humanity.

Ken teachers a wide variety of workshops mainly in the USA, and is bringing the Primordial Qigong sequence to Bournemouth UK in June this year for Conscious living Events 

Clara Apollo is a Qigong and Meditation teacher and Conscious Living Events organiser based in the New Forest UK who travels around the South Coast and various other countries in Europe sharing and learning from all the meet ups that occur. Many of these conversations are recorded for you on Chi Time. 'There's such a diverse range of inspiring new consciousness leaders who have found insightful and accessible ways to help us see and experience how we can evolve way passed any 3D expectations. When we 'do' this 'work' both individually and together the truly soulful revolution can occur.”