The response to the original Kuan Yin Oracle has been amazing. All around the world people are moved by her grace and beauty. I had always felt that there was meant to be a sequel to that deck, what the beloved goddess would say to those who are ready for her next level of teaching.

When I found myself mesmerised by pictures of massive silver flying yaks, with a beautiful Asian goddess astride them, I couldn’t help but giggle at the prospect of a “naughty Kuan Yin oracle” as the theme for next Kuan Yin project I had been yearning to create. I forwarded a link to the image I had discovered on Facebook and my publisher fell in love with the artwork as instantly and completely as I did. We researched, found the artist in China, and joyfully discovered that he was so prolific there was enough art in his gallery for us to create an entire deck. His perspective is so unusual, so filled with light and the unusual. He agreed instantly, the art came together within a couple of days and the whole project – so obviously destined to be – happened very easily. I was very inspired to write the deck. The name the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle felt so right and natural for the project.

Once I started writing, the power of the words was incredible. Laughter was followed by tears, then moments of “oooh so beautiful!”, as I wrote and wrote and wrote. I felt Kuan Yin’s power, tenderness and grace as the frequency of a new level of consciousness, for a new generation of spiritual rebels, dangerous dreamers and wild souls poured through me. The guidebook is long, pretty much the length of a regular book at around 85,000 words. I had no idea when I was writing it, I just had to get onto paper all that I was being shown, all that I felt, all that was being spoken to me by this loving wild goddess. It was so poignant, so uplifting, so cheeky and so loving. I have always found Kuan Yin to be strong and rebellious in her own way, but the messages of this deck that focus on challenging the idea of what we feel is possible, rebelling against fearful societal conditioning and stepping into her wild grace which makes it possible for our spirit to soar…well this was revealing the sacred rebel of Kuan Yin’s nature in an entirely new way, even to me. I loved her for it even more!

When I was interviewed for an American radio show on my oracle decks recently, I spoke about the artwork of this deck. The young male American interviewer made an astute observation. He said that oracle decks have come a long way if instead of featuring images only of angels, they now have massive silver yaks flying through the air with Oriental goddesses astride them! He was so right to say that. This deck isn’t just about new art – the art is a representation of the frequency of the deck and it’s very important – but what really gets my heart excited about this new project is that it is bringing through a whole new level of consciousness. It works beautifully with my other decks, and yet can stand alone too. It is really about us opening up our hearts not just to the grace of the divine, but it’s wildness too.

What is the wildness of the divine? It’s the real divine growth factor in us. It’s our innate intelligence to fulfil our potential. Like the acorn turning into the oak tree. Divinely encoded inside is the ability to become what it can be.Or the caterpillar that goes through disintegration and emerges as an impossible butterfly! Its natural, its wild and it has its own genius which defies logic. If you hadn’t already seen it, would you believe the caterpillar to butterfly process was possible? Society would say ‘no, that’s not possible!’. Dangerous dreamers would say, “let’s see what the divine wants to do with those of us that dream of the impossible!”

The wild divine growth factor isn’t logical, it is creative instinctive genius for evolution. It is in you and me. It moves in spirals, not straight predictable lines. So the mind cannot grasp it logically, or necessarily predict it, but it can choose to trust it. Trust is what empowers the process, allows us to surrender and to be helped by life. It is the way we can have a wild crazy and beautiful journey whilst managing to feel sane, serene and truly loved no matter what Life asks of us as we grow into our divine potential. It’s exhilarating –

the same feeling that you’ll get as you view the art in this deck and read the inspired guidance that was channeled for it – and yet it’s so reassuring and peaceful, absolutely comforting to our hearts too.

It’s been my experience that the limitations we think we are subject to – especially in the sense of the person that we can become and what we are capable of creating and doing with this life of ours – are far too confining for our vast spirit. The more we trust the Universe can help us, the more we become our divine wild beauty, and the more you can discover for yourself just what you are capable of manifesting. I often think of it like the animal that is not supposed to be able to climb trees, but is pushed by some circumstance or other to do it, and then, whilst sitting up in the tree branch feeling satisfied with itself, suddenly thinks “oh, I am not able to do that!” This is the beautiful moment of discovery that we are more than what we realised previously. It gives us boldness to dream bigger dreams – and go for them with gusto.

The only thing between you and your wild divine destiny in all its amazing potential is how open and trusting you are of life. From trust and openness you’ll see the brilliance of the divine mind in hindsight sometimes. Those are the things that you didn’t want or understand at the time (and maybe even thought were a sign that something terrible was going on) that ended up being what helped you most. It’s like the divine genius suddenly shows itself and you realise that everything is always helping you, no matter what your mind makes of the various circumstances in your life.

This sort of understanding helps us to relax more and allow the Universe to work its magic through us because we realise that we don’t have to understand the reasons for what’s happening in life. It’s actually OK to just trust and things will work out. Then you let the divine wildness in you have some more freedom, you start to trust it for what it is – your instinct for fulfilment of divine destiny, for becoming all that you are designed to be. You give up on possibilities and become willing to be dazzled by the workings of divine genius as they transform you into the unique brand of beautiful divine weird and wonderful that you are supposed to be. The wild potential of you isn’t tamed by social conditioning or what you believe is possible, appropriate or logical. It is it’s own force of nature and divine blessing rolled into one. Letting it free creates quite the exhilarating, joyful and mind-opening ride for our soul – like the goddess astride her flying yak in the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle.

Wild Kuan Yin cover2Is your inner wild divinity scratching to be let free?

Join me, gain courage and be free as you play, awaken and get inspired in sacred space with a beautiful consciousness-raising soul tribe ..we’ll be stirring up some wild divine energy and be empowered through a sacred group liberation ritual with Alana as your tribal high priestess, amazing music, stunning sound healing, inspired and funny discussions and lots of loving energy. It’s time to be uplifted and liberated to take your next step towards passionate purpose and divine destiny. One word for it. Yum!

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Alana Fairchild is a divine rebel, voice of the soul and child from the stars, who found her way to planet Earth, fell in love with nature and conversed with God through the entire process. Her life path is dedicated to awakening the soul through the conscious and loving transmission of divine energy. She does this through soul therapy sessions, best-selling books, meditations and oracle decks and, whenever possible, by singing and dancing. Find out more at