Following on from an incredible two day workshop in Melbourne and Cairns during March, Lisa Cassetta discusses the impact it had and the opportunity for New Zealand residents to experience the Oneness event Phenomenon and the Gift in Auckland. This two day workshop to be held on May 27 & 28 introduces us to the wonder that is sweeping the globe originating from a little Indian village called Varadaiahpalem.

Started by Sri Bhagavan in 1991, Oneness has grown into a massive university where people from all over the globe including some of Hollywood’s stars have gone to seek understanding about what Oneness is.

On speaking with Lisa Cassetta it was obvious that Oneness has greatly influenced her and her husbands lives, to the point where they now look after Oneness Australia. Lisa describes Oneness as an unlearning, removing that which limits us, allowing an expansion of our consciousness.

Oneness is not a religion nor is it a cult, rather it is the universal consciousness that embodies everyone and it is the same energy or life force that religious leaders have been conveying to us for centuries.

Oneness helps us change our energetic blueprint and removes the mind chatter that can easily take over our life. It awakens our higher intelligence and grants us access to our highest potential.

Join Shayne Locke as he chats with Lisa Cassetta about the phenomenon that is sweeping the globe; what is Oneness and how can it help us; plus we find out about the special event that is being held in Auckland later this month.

Featuring music of Supertramp, Shimshai, Radharani and Fiona Kernaghan

Soul Traveller Radio Show – Extended Podcast with Lisa Cassetta from Oneness Australia.

Register for The Phenomenon and The Gift in Auckland, New Zealand on 27 & 28 May, a special 2 day workshop that will unlock your highest potential.


“The biggest miracle is that the anxiety that was plaguing me has completely gone! I feel free like I have never felt before! Any fear, lone-liness, feelings of overwhelm have gone. In-stead I feel centred, connected. I feel a deep silent reassuring peace. I feel so much love in my heart, happiness in life…I feel optimism where before I would feel overwhelmed.” – Ariane de Geus, Sydney

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