December asks us to focus on what is coming to life for us, with hope, rather than being fearful about what is ending in our lives. The frequency of 11:11 is about newness, expansion and most of all, higher frequency.

Higher frequency feels better, from food to relationships to thoughts and behaviours. Higher frequency is when you get the sense of everything falling into place, synchronicity happens and you feel like Life is working with you, not against you. You may encounter growth edges and challenges, but with a higher frequency attitude you naturally respond as though the Universe is empowering you to grow and benefit from everything that happens in your life, not as though Life doesn’t love you!

The 11:11 vibration resonates through the entire month. To begin with, December is a global 11 month (1+2+2+0+1+5 = 11), add to this that the new moon falls on 11th December, the full moon falls at 11:11 UTC on Christmas Day, then there are the planetary power plays between Uranus, Pluto and Mars for the first 11 days of the month from 1st – 11th December. These planets trigger insights and awareness and can give us a lot of energy. We want to make sure we channel that increase of energy into things we want amplified. That wouldn’t include the belief in extra stress at this time of year. It would include the belief that Life has beautiful, loving plans in store for you.


It’s ironic that letting go of fear based belief systems often gives rise to anxiety. To become less afraid, we have to acknowledge the fear that has been conditioned into our bodies and minds, and then make a choice. Do we want to put our faith in our fears? Or do we want to choose to trust in a bigger, bolder, more loving reality. We can choose to believe that the Universe is guiding and helping and growing through us every day, nurturing us into the fullness of all that we are divinely destined to be, even through the trickier moments of our life journey.

Have the courage to try something different this month. What happens if you choose to put your faith in love and believe that everything is going to work out beautifully? This is the month to say to the Universe “I want to trust you! I want to live with more peace and freedom than ever before! I want to live into my potential and trust that everything is unfolding according to a higher plan!”.

The Universe is always going to respond to those declarations with love and support and a massive cosmic “yes! let’s do that!”. But this month in particular, you can evolve further, faster, and the Universe will lift you to heights of peace and fulfilment that you may not have once believed were possible.

December is your Christmas gift from the Universe. A loving reward and divine helping hand for all the hard work of self healing and transformation that you have had the courage to embrace this year. You’ve let go of so much. Now it’s time to receive.

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Alana Fairchild is a divine rebel, voice of the soul and child from the stars, who found her way to planet Earth, fell in love with nature and conversed with God through the entire process. Her life path is dedicated to awakening the soul through the conscious and loving transmission of divine energy. She does this through soul therapy sessions, best-selling books, meditations and oracle decks and, whenever possible, by singing and dancing. Find out more at