There’s a divine higher consciousness that flows through all life, from the grandest to the smallest life forms. It’s noticeable in all environments, and especially when interacting with beings of Nature. With loving awareness, we can receive so many gifts from these connections that are mutually beneficial ones. When you directly experience this for yourself, it becomes greater than a belief that this is possible and can exist—it becomes part of your “knowing”, your truth. You live this oneness through personal experience and it’s a joy that never leaves you.

While each and every interaction is so special, Spider has been one of the more common life forms to initiate consistent contact with me in the physical world. Her appearance is always timely with messages of wisdom and joy, gentle reminders or simply sweet synchronicities.

I’ve had as many memorable encounters with spiders indoors as outdoors. One of my first memorable ones was indoors in central Canada. I was living in a large century-old country home in the company of several house spiders. One summer morning at sunrise I discovered a magnificent, perfectly symmetrical, large web hanging in mid-air between my sofas, illuminated by the rising sun! A tiny spider, now resting in its center, had weaved it overnight. I was aware that she was equally aware of me. I admired her masterpiece for some time, and then regretfully explained to her from my heart, that she’d placed her web in a location that I walked through a lot, so it would be ideal if she could move it where it would be safer from accidental damage. I thanked her for the beauty she’d created and left the house for a few hours. Upon my return, I noticed that the web was gone. I looked around and discovered a replica safely between the sofa and the wall, the tiny spider resting in its center! I was overjoyed and expressed my loving appreciation to her.

Over the years I’ve observed countless spiders in my backyard gardens, in Nature and indoors, meticulously weaving their intricate webs. Each thread is placed with purposeful focus and precision. Every web is such a masterpiece. If the placement of the web doesn’t succeed in catching enough food for the spider, or the web becomes damaged somehow, she will simply gather and ingest every remaining thread, and reweave her web anew. She does so with as much care and attention as with every previous web. She has infinite patience and a keen awareness of her surroundings.

I’ve been surprised countless times by webs that were completely invisible in their environment near me, until I moved just slightly. When I did, the angle of my position and the sun’s rays suddenly illuminated the webs in all their rainbow-shimmering splendor. One large colourful spider surprised me at sunset one evening, as I silently sat in an Alaskan meadow. Her web was invisible to me, so when she unexpectedly appeared in front of me, she looked like she was walking on air, observing me as I observed her. Just by slightly moving, her sizable web appeared to me like magick. It was another delightful surprise visit with a spider.

Spider’s presence can signify many things specific to each of us, based on our unique paths. However, I’ve also received wisdom from her that can apply to anyone.

Spider reminds us in the weaving of her beautiful webs, of the power we have… as co-creators of our lives and this world… in our perspectives… in gracefully letting go of what no longer serves us… in initiating and going with the flow of change… in recognizing and honouring the cycles within our lives… in cultivating patience and being fully present to our experiences…

It’s easier for people to dismiss the smaller beings of our world as simple little creatures and underappreciate their invaluable contributions to the vast web of life that we’re all part of. Each life form has a multi-faceted sacred purpose.

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