Nature is continuously offering us support in countless forms, so that we can live our most empowered, fulfilling lives while we’re here on Mother Earth. One form of this support is through lessons by example that can guide us throughout our journeys. The upcoming Equinoxes inspired me to share the powerful well-being ritual that the wise trees teach us through the periodic shedding of their leaves. This ritual assists in maintaining our highest sense of well-being, through its multiple beneficial effects.

Throughout the natural world, whether in northern or tropical climates, you’ll see a ritual that repeats every year—trees shed their pretty leaves for the winter and dry seasons. The trees release them when nudged by Nature with a gradual decrease in sunlight and rain.

By periodically shedding this way, their leaves become a continuous source of enriching mulch for the soil and food for countless life forms. They decompose into nutrients that are absorbed by the trees’ roots and provide nourishment for plants, animals (like underground invertebrates) and fungus that inhabit the area surrounding each tree. An entire ecosystem benefits from the shedding of one single tree’s leaves.

During this period of leaflessness, the trees draw their energy within their roots for a period of rest, so that when the sunlight and rains return, they can burst forth with greater life force energy, growing that much stronger and producing a greater number of leaves, seeds and fruit.

Through this ritual, the trees also suddenly reveal themselves in greater detail—all their branches, shapes and sizes, knots and patterns in their bark, various colours and textures, all become visible. Their individual characters shine clearly after being hidden by the leaves and shadows.

These beautiful beings teach us the power of shedding what no longer serves our highest good, as a regular empowering ritual to maintain greater vitality, so we can be our best in all we are and do.

Throughout your life, you get nudged by your true nature to do so, when you simply no longer feel your best or most vibrant. During those periods, you’re being asked to take the time to observe and contemplate if there’s anything diminishing your life-force energy that you can release. Anything that no longer resonates with your frequency and truth, including relationships (personal and professional), habits, clutter in your internal and external spaces, lifestyle, work, place of residence, etc., can attribute to less vibrancy.

With insight, awareness and courage to let things go, the Universe will provide you with something greater to enrich and support your life in a way that is perfectly aligned with who you are at that time. It loves to fill voids and energetic spaces with more life! By releasing, you invite in what will nurture you at the level of growth that you now require. In doing so, you also benefit countless others in all you are and do with greater vibrancy, since we all affect one another through our energy and by example.

Doing this ritual also reveals more of your truth and unique beauty. As you grow, your self-awareness expands through your experiences. When you shed what no longer resonates with you, you shine more of your truth—your beautiful, individual essence that otherwise can become masqueraded, hidden or even forgotten under the layers of “stuff” that accumulate. By living your truth with greater clarity and strength, you invite others to do so as well.

Aside from everyday life “nudges”, you can also use the powerful Equinoxes and Solstices as points of reference to do this beneficial ritual and simply take note of anything that needs to be cleared and released from your life. With conscious awareness, you can continuously revitalize yourself by letting go of what you’ve outgrown. It becomes a powerful ritual that keeps nurturing your well-being and also beneficially affects those in your life.


(Image by artist Martin Eager © 2010)

Lucille DancingWind is the founder of Sacred Earth Connection® offering a wealth of life-empowering resources, gifts and offers, including her powerful book "Sacred Possibilities", "Sacred Alliances for Empowered Living" program and "Self-Love Ritual". Her heart-centered work is dedicated to empowering men and women by guiding them to their powerful divine true nature–the source of infinite wisdom, deep trust in self and life, and sacred relationship with All. She facilitates this work in alliance with Spirit and Nature. Visit her website: www.SacredEarthConnection.com