I have been plugged into my ipod this week, listening to some conscious rock music, putting together this week’s show when it flicked onto a song that gave me so much comfort and inspiration this year, a song called “I Am A River” by the Foo Fighters.

The River Under New York

b72955c70ac944ca348b4d7126d8dcfe.800x800x1As an avid music fan, I love to dissect songs. What was the singer thinking about when he or she wrote a song? What was the real meaning? What motivated them to put the words on paper and birth a new tune? Originally written about their time recording in New York during the Sonic Highways sessions, “I Am A River” brings together all the gems of understanding that Dave Grohl gathered during the visit. The recording took place in a studio called the Magic Shop in Soho, a place recently made famous as David Bowie’s secret recording studio for his last album and also one that saw artists ranging from Lou Reed to Norah Jones, birth iconic albums into the world.  Although recently closed due to skyrocketing rents, it was there that Dave discovered this iconic studio was built above Minetta Creek that was buried deep underground. No one sees it but it is part of everyone’s life in Manhattan.

The American Indians named in Minetta which translates as the Devils’ Water or Water Spirit, an ancient life force that was buried so deep yet present in all of our lives. It is the spirit of this creek that caught Dave Grohl’s imagination. Grohl explained that he “…thought it was a beautiful idea that there’s something natural and prehistoric that runs underneath something as monolithic and futuristic as New York City. And maybe we’re all connected by something like that.”

The River of Energy

Maybe we are. Everyone of us is part of a river of energy, a flowing stream of pure gold that we can tap into at anytime. The beauty about bodies of water is just that. It is a body…not a single drop of water but a mass that is all connected. The water mixes and blends with the rocks, the moss, the fish and everything else that makes up the stream. Everything is connected. If ever there was perfect example of oneness and connectivity, it is the river.

And distance doesn’t remove the Oneness. I was away from home for about 9 months and yet I could feel Tanya, my partner, and what she was going through. Every time I picked up the phone or every time I saw her, I could feel the energy, the connectedness that we had not only as partners but also as spiritually aware beings.

It seems logical when it is a loved one, but it shouldn’t stop there. The connection with others should be an automatic process if we are connected with Spirit. It is the river that allows us to move in synchronicity with one another. The term I love that describes it is Soul Love; putting our ego aside to make way for pure loving kindness, Agape, so we can connect deeply with one another on a soul level. It is conscious conversation and an energy exchange that forms the basis of oneness. It is the connection that looks beyond one’s faults, past or lifestyle and looks at who they are on a soul level.

We Are the River

We are not just part of the river, we are the river. Buddha put it this way… Our life is a progressive moment, a successive series of different moments all joining as one to give the impression of one continuous flow. One state of existence to another. The river of yesterday is not the same as the river of today. The stream of this moment is not going to be the same as the stream of the next moment. As is life. It changes continuously, becomes something or the other from moment to moment.

Just like the flow that changes over time, so do we. We evolve and those around us evolve but we are all connected as one. As we change and grow, embrace the energy that Spirit has provided for us to tap into. Be part of the flowing stream of connectedness, the river of oneness.

But don’t just be part of the river…Be the River.

Take a listen to this week’s Soul Traveller Radio Show, a special conscious rock edition featuring I Am A River by the Foo Fighters.

Soul Traveller Radio Show – Conscious Rock Special