Sage FairyI was so thrilled to receive Jacqueline’s initial email and in awe of her commitment to the 100 day project. Jacqueline shared that she would love to create a Sage fairy – I was overwhelmed with emotion by the result.

Jacqueline had used me as inspiration for her fairy: not only capturing the essence of Sage Wisdom, but I could see and sense my personal prayers of peace for the planet.

Deep Gratitude…Tanya (editor)

A 100 day Inspirational Artistic Journey – Jacqueline Wild’s creative commitment with illuminating outcomes…

There is a magic in repetition and in ritual and so when I heard about #the100dayproject something in me woke up at the idea. The project was born out of a workshop led by Yale professor Michael Bierut who instructed his students to repeat and share an action for 100 days.

It was obvious that I would create 100 fairies. I have always used fairies in my art. I see them as metaphors for all that is magical as well as being entities that exist in parallel to us.

I started the 100 day project as a bit of a whim with no real thought as to the real scale of the project. The project excited me however and the idea of stretching myself creatively was very appealing.

I looked forward to developing new patterns, working on fairy dresses and examining butterfly wings.

Sharing my work on Instagram daily wasn’t too difficult to do in the beginning as I felt quite anonymous on there. It’s a bit like when you are on holiday; you feel free and uninhibited, you feel as though you can recreate yourself afresh.

It wasn’t until I started putting the time into my work that I felt confident enough to share it on Facebook. It was a good source of accountability for me. I felt like I really HAD to create a fairy a day. People started to expect it and I got passionate about creating something better each time I posted.

IMG_1143They say a journey starts with a single step and it is so true. I took it all very much one day at a time and I loved it. I felt like I was channeling the fairies and they were telling me what to do.

Fairies are generally felt rather than seen and so I just tapped into the feeling and the ideas flowed. I’m pretty sure the fairies did most of the work really, I was just along for the ride.

The fairies also helped to present me with the time to do my work. I have a two year old girl and so my time is structured around her. I had been taking photos of my work on my iPad in order to upload them and then one day I heard about an app called Procreate and decided to play around with my images some more.

The ability to create work, mess free and lying down next to my little girl opened up another world to me! I literally was happily away with the fairies and absorbed in learning how to create fairies from my heart.

glitter and earthOf course there were times when I was tired and it did feel like a marathon, but the support from my Facebook friends was amazing. It was the suggestion of a friend to create a book out of my fairies that seeded the idea for me to create Glitter and Earth: Tales of Magic and Wonder.

The fairies often came to me with the glimmer of a story whilst I was creating them and so the book came together really quickly. Just like the pictures, the words came from the fairies! I don’t normally consider myself a poet, but the stories presented themselves like that.

The whole experience has been quite magical and I hope that my love and belief will shine through in the book and help fairy magic to grow for generations to come.

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Jacqueline Wild is an artist and writer living in Cornwall with her husband and daughter. She has a life long interest in fairies and is fascinated by all things magical.