There was once a time, in the mythology of humanity, when the energy of the world was called magic, which ran through the bloodstream of some, and came to others through practise, if not trial and error. And this magic governed many, and was governed by many, but like all experiences on this planet, this time of creation was a lesson, so like the tide magic flowed back out of the world, and out of the people, leaving behind the memory of wonders, which became the mythology of later societies, and was craved by those who ride the cycle of reincarnation, from one lifetime to another, still seeking what they no longer had – searching for it, calling it many names, kundalini, ascension, mindfulness, emptiness, wholeness. Seekers after Light, but the Light had gone out of the world and left behind it fear and anger.

Societies rose and fell, moving further into the darkness even as some tried to hold us into the Light, but that was impossible. Humanity is one whole being of many parts, and if more parts move towards materialism, fear and danger, the others are dragged along, willingly or not, and so societies fell, and all that we were was lost along the way, or remained, as before, in the mythology of the people, a regret for what was lost, with some small hope for future generations.

The wheel turns and the energy, now called many things, prana, qi, chi, reiki, life force, flows back in. Will we recognise it as magic? Is humanity any different now than it was millennia ago when the magic first left, or are we still the same feudal societies we were back then, where the rich have everything and the poor struggle? Our children are being born capable of touching the magic. We can feel it again at our fingertips, feel its subtle call to our souls – but are we wise enough, this time around, to know right from wrong, good from greed, love from desire, will we handle the magic, as it flows back in, any better than the last time, or the time before, or the time before? Are we there yet?


The Love Song of the universe is the sound and vibration created by the exhalation of the Creator being which resonates within each of us. The love song binds us each to the other through threads of affinity or blood. Across the world we reach to each other through thought, feeling, fear and fascination, and through the internet we can communicate ourselves worldwide in moments. What message do we send? Do we hear the love song when we close our eyes and reflect it out into our wider reality, or do we fear it and then close our minds? Can the song reach within us to activate that which has been lying dormant, the key to the magic that has so many names, or do we shut it out – because we have the choice?

There was a time when we called the connections ‘six degrees of separation’, but in truth there is no separation, not from each other, and not from that which made us real. Do we dance to the sound of the music, do we let it dance through us, or do we cover our ears and close our eyes and turn our backs and pretend we are not part of this larger group called ‘humanity’, all of us, all of me, belongs to all of you.

On the edge of the sea

Last time I was down near the coast I stood on the cliff face and watched the waves wash in and recede. They sing their own song, of histories past, of journeys taken, and distant shores and even more distant dreams. As I gazed out upon the waters a vision appeared before my eyes. A great wall, built stone on stone, that rested just above the waves, and over this wall was a village, simple cottages, simple muddy streets – was this a memory of what was, or a vision of the future, because it looked nothing like the town behind me, with its noise and pollution and busy traffic.

Last time I climbed our mountain I sat beneath a tree and allowed my energy to sink deep into the earth. All around me the energy of nature swum and dreamed, as if the dirt was water and we were all free floating. At the deepest point, just above the magma that lies beneath our region, two eyes arose, breaking the crust, to look At me, and Through me, an infinite inspection. What did that being think of the spirit of the ‘me’, before it sank again gently into its natural environment?

The elemental kingdom, made of the energy of the first creation, has never lost its grip on the Rising Wave. The magic remains within it, and will be enhanced by it, as it flows back in and sweeps humanity away. Will I have learned to swim by then? Will you? I was not expecting it within my lifetime, but here it is, and here we are, and we can only wonder what will happen next.

We would hope that it be a gentle transition, from one state to another. There is no need for ascension, because we are already perfected, we have just forgotten, or left that part of the ‘self’ behind during each lifetime on this planet of challenge, trial and error. The creator being does not make selves that ‘break’, only we do, as part of our journey. Will the magic, as it flows in, pull all our pieces back into the greater whole? Will we let it?

Image – Treehead by Marwa Sheikh

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