Some of you may be thinking:
“Isn’t this card meant to be called THE LOVERS?
(not THE LOVER.)

Yet the figure depicted at the center of this card holds a singular position. He stands at ease and is self contained.

Both natural and regal – the lover is a young king at the center of the cosmic wheel. A total boss and full on star.

Yet he is not alone. The Lover is attended each side by companions who seem to be preparing him for something.
Or someone.
Or somewhere.

These figures may represent the anima and animus.
They may represent Love and Pain.
It matters not because when he alights – The Lover travels alone.

As does the Soul.
Know that there are some things that can never be truly communicated with your companions.

The Lover is your soul.
Your soul is the Universe.

Truly we are each a universe unto our very own selves.
Therefore: Universal formulas apply.
And there is a universal formula to this existence thing:

Desiring experience
Manifesting experience
Receiving experience
Integrating experience

The archetype of The Lover brings additional qualities to this formula:
Embracing experience.
Enjoying experience.
Inhabiting experience.

The Lover unites us with experience.
The Lover receives experience and plows it into the very soil of our souls.
This archetype is a sure antidote to any sense of alienation and disconnection you may be feeling.

He laughs gently at your:
“I don’t deserve:
He gives you a warm hug when you say:
“I am scared.”
And he simply overlooks your:
“I am not ready yet.”

The Lover calls upon you to experience full contact with the things that make you feel good.
The Lover calls upon you to experience full contact with the things that make you feel pain.

He calls upon you to be here and to be here NOW.
And if you let The Lover teach you what he knows:

(you will surely learn:)

We can only ever really have it both ways.
Pleasure. Pain. Ecstasy. Agony. Alchemy. Infamy.

Its really all the same. Its energy and intensity is what counts. But if we cant connect with the energy then the potential for its transformation is lost.

Connection is everything. Its the only thing.

The Lover helps you connect, The Lover helps you feel.
The Lover helps you remember. The Lover makes you real.

Listen to him (and he will lead you to a place)
Where pain is love.

(and love is pain)

A place where wounds are transformed into gardens that nourish the soul.
A place where every shadow burns and shines.
Yet the soul is the lamp that lights up the scene.

Embrace the The Lover and you will experience the very essence of cosmic delight – a true sense of connection :

with what you are doing.
who you are doing it with.
why you are doing it.

Its a real and embodied sense – that leaves no part of self out of the equation.
An easy place to start with accessing the energy of The Lover:
find something to do that makes you feel great

(clue: it has to connect you with your body!)
make it something creative.
something visceral.
something wonderful.

do it daily.
Call upon The Lover for knowledge of what you need to know to improve your practice.

(and one day you just might find yourself)

Doing it excellently.
Approaching it holistically.
Feeling it ecstatically.

And then you will find yourself standing within that very garden – naked, trembling and so very much alive.

The Lover is the Garden.
The Lover is the Gardener.
You and The Lover have become one.

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background image: Rowan Heredera de Fuego