Upon the planet at this particular moment of peace, there are some spectacular illumination rays available for the process of your empowerment; under the grace and guidance of sacred Source energy that serves to sustain you and persuade you to let go of the life you have been living and flow into a frequency that gifts you with fresh insights to how you will live your life as a light body having a physical existence.

There are some beautiful blessings to re-remember at this time…blessings that perhaps you do not see or choose not to see, because you will not hand over your burdens to experience happiness and harmony on a deeper level of love and compassion.

Right now, every single person on your path is playing a radiant role in your learning experience of love and infinite possibility – their presence may disempower you, confuse you, cause doubt, distress and even misfortune.

However, they are still right where they are meant to be on your path because every reaction is a response to an area in your soul that needs a reminder that you came to study the sacred possibilities that only a human, Being human can explore, enhance, enlarge and express. Your Humanity is what highlights the magical meaning of your existence.

Without meaning there is no hope because it is hope that shines and shares the essence of the adventure…the great awakening…the blessing of your birth.

Each and every one of you birthed yourself onto this planet to a soul tribe that would support what you most needed to understand and push you to grow a foundation of faith for yourself and for your purpose.

What is an epidemic on this planet is a lack of faith in the gifts that you have each been given! You complicate the desires of your heart, with the doubts decided in your mind and wonder why you feel there is a bit of a mess in your ability to manifest and magnetise that which you only dare to dream about!

Your (day) dreams are your most magnificent signs; they are rich with imagination… and your “I wishes…” are all the arrows in your awareness seeking to stretch you beyond comfort, regret and resignation to “I Am living a life that I love to live, that I Am”.

So the signs for the blessings you seek, the good fortune and the guidance to your pot of golden fulfillment have been walking with you all along! You are truly blessed with a radar; an inbuilt barometer for your soul’s progression, and when you raise your awareness enough to notice this barometer of bliss within you, you find the willingness to align your life from there.

Aligning your life to a heart journey of joy may not seem logical, efficient, even hugely financial during the process, but it will satisfy your need for freedom, expression, expansion and purpose…beyond your wildest dreams.

All of you want to realise your purpose and full potential, but there is one way and one way only…by listening to the still, soft voice of your heart; not the noisy chatter of the monkeys in your mind. It is your headspace that creates a labyrinth of luck or loss –  believe there is no end in sight, no solutions and no success and you will find that the ‘exit’ or rather ‘entrance’ (to infinite possibility) will not be revealed.

However, believe that miracles follow miracles and blessings never cease, promoting plenty in your life and you will find ‘the exit’ is ‘the entrance’ that becomes a gateway to your greater good; as you believe you will receive confirmation and affirmation that choosing to create a solid structure for your life based on huge doses of self-love is the pathway to soul illumination.

Love is universal in the language of light – love knows love, and gravitates to gift and to shower itself in streams of opportunities and offerings. It is a birth blessing that all humans hold happiness like a hug felt on the inside, vibrating in mind, body and spirit. Even the word ‘hu-man’ explains that ‘hu’ means God or spirit and ‘man’ means mind, so we are in essence, love made manifest through our magnificent mind – our word is our wand.

Your right to radiant beginnings is available NOW…..your right to refuse, is also on the table –  your perspective on how you feel about yourself is your passport to the trip you are planning to take often. Choose love. Live with the awareness that at any given time, you have something to let go and something to let in;

“I let go of the need to be rigid and right and I let in the flexible flows of the living river of light and opportunity…”

Abundant blessings Soul Travellers…shine and share your light.

Artist:  Mary Herrera Art


Tanya loves to create sanctuary, stillness and sacred space for your soul's illumination process through guided meditation groups, soul readings, flower reading events and teachings of the spiritual anatomy. Tanya is deeply devoted to you experiencing the grace and guidance of Divine Mother love, feeling the wisdom within you and walking your wonderul upon this planet....you are the One you have been waiting to awaken. Tanya writes regularly for Soul Traveller, inspiring you to feel connected, creative and empowered on your path.