Divine support manifests in all forms, from magick to chaos – trust!


Every day, regardless of our lifestyle, who we are, or where we live, we receive support in infinite forms that also remind us of our divine true nature – multi-dimensional beings combining limitless Spirit with miraculous Nature.

Whether we recognize this support for what it truly is, depends on our level of awareness. Every form of support manifests in ways that are perfect for each of us, so we can live the life we’ve come here to live and be who we’ve come here to be. They also remind us that we’re so much more than what we generally perceive, and that the divinity of life is always fully aware of us, encouraging us along our unique paths of life.

Some forms of support are pure magick that immediately enhance our life experience with light-hearted joy and bliss. We can experience these every single day when we allow ourselves to receive them. I’ll share just a few of my own personal and simple, recent experiences that showcase how aware the divinity of life is, fully enjoying supporting, enhancing and expanding our experience of life.

Sage photo 3

Orchids are very special to me – in their physical form, as a spirit guide and as beings closely linked to the Elementals. On the day that I brought a soul sister to introduce her to another soul sister, feeling the call to connect with our soul tribe in all ways possible, I received the unexpected gift of dozens of mini wild orchids growing on my soul sister’s forested land! I had no idea they grew there and they happened to blossom the day before we visited. What a precious gift they were to my heart as a beautiful confirmation of celebrations and rejoicing from Mother Earth, Nature and Spirit, for the expanding heart connections!

Sage photo 2

Another experience manifested when I was helping a soul sister harvest wild yarrow near Sheep Mountain in Alaska, and I suddenly desired to see a grey wolf, who are very special to me but rare to see. Shortly after acknowledging this desire, my soul sister, who didn’t know about it, announced that she had a gift to show me, and on a cluster of wild yarrow, was a beautiful moth whose wings had a pattern like a grey wolf’s head and face! She called it a “wolf moth”. I’d never seen a moth like this one before – it was so magnificent!

Sage photo 1

A third even more recent experience, occurred when I was visiting McHugh Creek and wild clovers called to me. I decided to sit in silence with them a while to see what message they had for me. I suddenly remembered looking for 4-leaf’d clovers as a little girl, and desired to see if I could find one where I was sitting. Within a few seconds of looking, I surprisingly received… a 6-leaf’d clover! It was so special to me, since I work with 6 sacred elements. I was also delightfully reminded of Spirit’s message to “dare to dream bigger than big”, knowing that anything is possible.

Other forms of support, however, may initially feel intensely chaotic instead of “light” and test us beyond our perceived limitations. Ultimately, they all expand our wise knowing and help us shed the stories, beliefs and conditioning that no longer support the emerging truth of who we really are.

It takes awareness, self-trust and trust in life, to know that what we receive is exactly what we require at that specific time, to support us and our specific path and purpose.

I’ve faced countless tests of faith, yet at times, these tests were also less disruptive or seemingly “destructive” to my life, because I trusted the divine guidance I perceived beforehand, further supporting the upcoming massive life-changes. One perfect example of this type of support that unexpectedly showed up, occurred to me at the dawn of 2013.

On the morning of December 30th, 2012, I woke up with the strongest feeling that I had to start packing everything I wasn’t using in the 2-story house. Just like that, I had this intense inner guidance that wouldn’t let up! It made NO logical sense to me whatsoever, but the feeling was so strong and clear, that I chose to act on it, starting that same morning.

I began by taking down and packing everything I had on the walls. That immediately changed the energy in the house, from one of “settled” to one of movement. Then I packed all things that were decorative and in storage spaces, including a closet-full of bags and boxes containing papers accumulated for over a decade.

Amidst all the shuffling and sorting, four beautiful monarch butterfly wings suddenly fell to the floor beside me! (I love to keep treasures gifted by Nature.)

Sage photo 4

I was truly amazed, for this was exactly what had occurred two years before, when I started going through my things, knowing I needed to leave my old life behind me. However, those particular wings of two years ago were still securely taped in my journal.

The monarch butterfly was very significant to me as a sign from my most prominent spirit guide, an Archangel. It was so uncanny that both sets of monarch wings had suddenly shown up in the middle of winter, while I was preparing for a move – without knowing yet that I would be moving!

More magick manifested as I kept packing, letting me know without a doubt, that somehow, I was in the flow of divine guidance and had to keep going in that direction.

Then three weeks after I started packing my things, I was told that the rental house I’d called home for two years near Lake Manitoba, central Canada, had to be torn down…! Changes were happening with the property and I would have to move out.

Since I had already most of my things packed, instead of this feeling like “the end of the world”, since I really loved it there, I was actually relieved to receive the news – it confirmed so much. I now knew why it wasn’t crazy to have started packing all my belongings, based on just a “strong feeling” that that’s what I had to do and trusting that!

Had I dismissed that form of unexpected, illogical support, I would have been faced with an overwhelming situation. Without awareness, I could have felt like the world was against me. Instead, I felt fully supported and so incredibly grateful, knowing that it was simply time for me to move on, and know that somehow, everything would work out as it was meant to, as long as I allowed it to. And while it did lead me to another incredible test of faith, it did all work out – beyond my wildest dreams!

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We all have specific lessons to learn and experience to gain, so when things don’t appear to be for our benefit, having this greater perspective allows us to trust that everything is exactly as it should be. We might not understand it in the moment, but experience is a master teacher and eventually reveals the divine wisdom of it all.

Regardless how this divine support manifests in your own life, the more consciously aware you are, the more you can appreciate every experience, and deeply trust that it’s for your highest benefit, even when it might not feel or seem that way. When you’re faced with challenges, trusting yourself and the divinity of life, gives you personal empowerment, no matter what the situation.

When you attain a conscious level of awareness with an open heart and open mind, it’s easier to perceive and recognize all the different ways we receive support on our paths of life, in our everyday life. Surrendering to this higher wisdom allows for sacred co-creation to occur in its purest form so that the highest good manifests for many more than we can perceive (the ripple effects are infinite). Trust, awareness and faith are key, rooted in our sacred hearts, and gained and strengthened from personal experience.