2017 will feel like a salty wind of sea change, falling freshly on your sacred skin as we move towards a big shift; there are five fabulous feelings that are birthing in these beautiful beginnings…..

2016 has been the year of closure, where all that has been hidden has had to surface and be known. This year people pondered their lives on a much deeper level and they asked better questions, better communication with self; a dialogue that drove some very authentic truths to the table and opened the way for transformation of stuck and/or suppressed energy.

Many found a voice and felt quite bold; like a spiritual navigator exploring new inner terrain and finding gold to nurture a change in perception and personal empowerment….this was the epic adventure that was 2016 – and those who moved through the challenges, the confronts, the confusion (for some), who hiked through with harmony and hope, now find they are feeling pretty good! Satisfied that they offered the best of themselves in nearly all situations and learnt a lot about mindfulness and soul expression on the way.

Now you are standing on ‘higher ground’ and you physically feel taller because your light Body has expanded to engage with Divine dimensional frequencies that direct you with more clarity in more creative ways……

“Welcome To The Wonderful That Is 2017”

Welcome to the wisdom within you, welcome to the knowing that you actually, truly are ‘enough’ and welcome to the birth of something new, something sacred that has been stirring inside you for some time…

Welcome to the wonder of your own awakening! The joy of it! The exciting and exhilarating experience that you are not who you thought you once were……you are soo much more…..soo much more.

Let us look at 5 feelings that you will be noticing now and that to a greater or lesser degree will be integrating into your spirit and speaking a new light/love language that simplifies and magnifies your heart intention for purpose and peace in 2017;

((1))  You no longer feel the need to be ‘reactive’ – where you would once get quite fiery and defensive in certain areas with particular people, you now experience almost an indifference, a feeling of ‘let it go’ and ‘let it grow’ with a new mindset…..a mindset that is mindful of not ‘playing’ in the muck anymore, not engaging with people who have no willingness to see things from a lighter perspective that has positive points for both of you. You have cut the cords and moved on; surrendering and trusting that they are no longer needed in this new cycle….this is felt with compassion for them and knowing that it is no longer your learning to stay stuck in the muck with them – you are literally seeing a much bigger picture without them in it!

((2))  In this bigger picture, you are seeing a new Soul Tribe – some beautiful souls will continue to journey with you into the Divine and dynamic 2017, but many will not. This Soul Tribe literally feel like home because they allow you to feel safe….the pressure is off to ‘perform’ and you relax into the radiant ‘realness’ of who you are – you see the diamonds on the inside of these new soul travellers. One or two new special souls may have entered your life in the last three months but there will be many more throughout this year – as you all literally gravitate towards each other and connect in surprising ways that seem ‘by chance’ but nothing is by chance, everything is the exquisite dance of Divine direction orchestrated with such perfection – you will have many moments this year of “Oh my goodness/Goddess, how is it even possible that we met?” You will be drawn together for a reason – your souls will ‘see’ each other and support each other in uplifting and enlightening ways….a deeper level of truth about why you are here will emerge!

((3))  This question was formed a lot in 2016….”Why Am I Here? What is it that I need to be doing or expressing now?”

You are here to learn about LOVE – to clearly polish the diamond light that has many facets, many engaging qualities that have mostly been hidden; yet are revealing themselves as a wisdom within you.

You will be guided to do “new things’ in the energetic, intuitive, teacher/facilitator/student roles and recognise that you appear to “know without knowing” – it is almost as if you know what your guide, teacher, mentor is going to say next….you are naturally ‘in sync’ with your soul’s superb ability to bring to the surface – to the light – all the positive gifts that you have gathered through lifetimes and you re-remember more of who you really are……a super star in the cosmic choir – creating ballads that birth your brilliance!

What ballad will you belt out now in this new vibrant vibration of 2017?

((4))  Your ballad is your words, your thoughts; your soul weaving and aligning deeply through your sound that is the Source of All That Just Is and Source energy is manifesting at a rapid rate! So your soul intentions, your dreams, visions, passions, and highest ideals are ‘sung’ through your soul sound and clearly connect to magnify your ‘voice’ and magic happens!

There will be lots of magic. Lots of left of field illuminating, light bulb moments that fuel you even further along your road less travelled….but with a very deep unshakeable trust that you are not alone and you are awakening with the ascension energies that lift you onto this ‘higher ground’ to help you BE more of your own magnificence.

((5))  You orbit in your own atmosphere – there is no need for the input of others, you feel fulfilled and fuelled to move forward when it feels right for you. You will be more intuitive and more sen’see’tive than ever before because this new numerology cycle of “1” that you enter is opening you to your original language of telepathy – how you communicated outside of control and as you broke through many barriers in 2016, you cut the cords of control and now you re-learn your essential nature; the essence of you that intuitively knows the ocean will settle your emotions and allow you to embrace your feminine – to be gentle and playful and light once more – or that trees (sacred living symbols) and walks through the bush or around mountains will strengthen your masculine to feel ‘on top of the mountain once more’…..the natural nurture of Mother, when the control of others is creeping in to contaminate your ‘atmosphere’ and slow your orbit.

Earth Mother medicine will support your sacred seeds of intention to surface through surrender and trust, as this year, you will begin tasks, teachings or just do more fun ‘stuff’ because you are falling deeper and deeper in love with your own light and you now give permission for this light to not only be seen, but to sparkle and shimmer brightly…..BE the beacon on your own path of empowerment.

Do not be concerned with unnecessary notions like ‘how will I or how can I’ – these will only serve to drain you, not sustain you….ask yourself ‘How am I feeling in this moment? How can I treat myself in kinder, more caring ways that nurture me and ground me and guide me to be of service to self and to others?’

Like a space man to his ship, your cord of connection enables you to venture freely and explore, knowing and trusting that the cord of connection, the lifeline, is strong and sustaining….

“stay connected to Source” – communicate; ask for guidance, ask for reassurance through signs and symbols, ask to make more creative choices. At all times maintain a Divine Dialogue – this is your sacred sound, your radar that reels in the best channels for change and you will feel a big bit brand new.

So breathe deeply – grow your gratitude and feed your faith because 2017 is the year that you re-remember the best and most beautiful aspects of you and light them up for all to star with you in goodness and in grace.

LOVE OUT LOUD – LOVE is the key to happiness, it is the feeling of fulfillment that penetrates every cell in your Being. With LOVE we can never feel alone; with LOVE we want to share more, care more, interact more, understand more, surrender more, speak our soul sound more….

‘You are the One you have been waiting to awaken….”

You have survived 2016 and you have severed old karmic cords to people, places and things to finally feel that you have ‘arrived’ as the hero/heroine in your own beautiful book that begins……I AM



Tanya loves to create sanctuary, stillness and sacred space for your soul's illumination process through guided meditation groups, soul readings, flower reading events and teachings of the spiritual anatomy. Tanya is deeply devoted to you experiencing the grace and guidance of Divine Mother love, feeling the wisdom within you and walking your wonderul upon this planet....you are the One you have been waiting to awaken. Tanya writes regularly for Soul Traveller, inspiring you to feel connected, creative and empowered on your path.