This full moon is the biggest and brightest moon that you will witness for decades! This lunar lamp of love shines upon your seat of surrender, gently supporting you to ‘Let Go and Let Grace’ guiding you in new and empowering directions.

You will be feeling super sensitive, super intuitive and super charged with fresh ideas and perspectives on how you can create a life that holds more meaning and more magnificence! This beautiful moon is calmly and gently detoxing your soul for a super size spiritual shift! You are able to release toxic relationships, toxic beliefs, all that is old and outdated as you walk your wonderful towards a greater space of mind, body, spirit wholeness – you naturally know to trust in the ‘unseen’.

Through the grounding grace of Taurus, along with her peaceful and practical nature, you understand that the union of your masculine and feminine archetypes (the protector and the nurturer) must balance and soften to bring about synergy.

Ask yourself ‘How do I want to feel on a daily basis?’, ‘How do I want my life to look like?’ – fuel the flow of these thoughts with the recognition that you are not this physical body, that you are indeed draped in a sacred skin that speaks of devotion and Divine outcomes.

This is a magical time to manifest; to know that financial flows are aligned with ‘love-for-self’ flows…. find your point of power and true prosperity from a conscious conversation with yourself…be truthful about where you are at and love yourself into new levels of heightened happiness from within.

We are all walking through gateways of epic change! As you march your magic towards the completion of this deeply spiritual numerology year of 9, you will find that the full moon frequencies are pushing for peaceful endings and illuminating beginnings – all highlighted by the truth of Taurus, who asks only that you feel safe and supported by Earth Mother as you swim in the cosmic seas of your infinite potential. Do not be ‘pulled under’ by the currents that offer the illusion of chaos and separation, align with the wisdom within you, roll with new waves of willingness and let this lunar landscape be a radiant reminder from the universe that you are perfect, whole and complete… are enough!

Step out of your spiritual closet and speak of love because only Love is real

Article by Tanya Allison

Goddess Artwork by Jonathon Earl Bowser



As program manager and host of Soul Traveller Radio, Shayne's intention is to bring about change through his love of independent and conscious music. With a background in IT and media marketing, Shayne also runs ST Media - Positively Digital - - which helps artists and companies with media and marketing.