The last full moon is upon us…and the final super moon in a series of lunar lessons to LET GO and LET GRACE. This year you have traversed  some heavy duty spiritual terrain; you have buckled on your boots and navigated the spiritual depths of your Being, trusting in Divine direction and outcomes, knowing that this ‘9’ year was necessary to fully embrace and experience the blessings of 2017 – where a big cycle of beginnings (numerology year of 1) enters into your heart space.

This full moon offers a powerful portal for purification…a final purge to empowerment. Spend time NOW in sacred space to fully cut the cords of attachment to outcomes, beliefs, people and partnerships that no longer serve your highest aspirations to Be all that you can dream for yourself and this planet.

The medicine of Owl watching over this ‘moon moment’ with wisdom and love, is to illuminate your capacity to see beyond all see the real intentions of the actions of others and trust in your natural, strong intuition that speaks to your heart of change and gifts you with the right information to ‘choose’ the most purposeful path for you now. Owl will dissolve the doubt and eliminate the fear…be courageous, be brave and most importantly Be you.


‘Bottle’ up your most beautiful dreams and intentions and ‘buckle’ up for a new adventure ride….you were born to explore the road less travelled….this full moon supports you to ‘travel lightly’; free from boundaries and baggage that no longer serve you. Shine brightly! Illuminate your love and let your heart be known! Blessings for a safe and joyful journey….you are free.

Tanya Allison is an educator of spiritual empowerment and facilitator of many guided meditation groups promoting soul illumination and inner peace. Tanya’s deep love for helping people find the wisdom within them evolved into the creation of Sage Magazine , a divine direction for the soul traveller. Tanya posts daily inspiration on Sage Facebook’s page and contributes daily to