“As these souls incarnate onto the planet, the world is experiencing a massive influx of higher and purer energetic frequencies. These children are anchoring light onto the planet, shifting us in consciousness and moving us toward the Light. They are breaking down our paradigms, and are transmuting pain, fear and the need for separation. They share love and light with all.

Through the wisdom and clarity of unveiled eyes, they see humans and the Earth as they truly are. Crystal Children create a healing impact on the souls they touch; those who are prepared to see, and those who are seeking spiritual truth. With clear and crystalline perception, these souls will forever alter our consciousness. They are instrumental to our evolution through the fifth dimension.”

Crystal Children can be divided into three main groups and it is these groups that can give an insight and understanding into the new world that will be created at the hands of these phenominal children. As humanity awakens the characteristics of the crystal child will become integrated into our global consciousness.

So let’s start at the very beginning with the findings of Alexis Cartwright…at The Fifth Dimensional Grid which has been impacting those born after 1992…

Orchestrated by the stellar activations, meteor showers and astrological events that have impacted our planet since 1992, Earth’s crystals are being continuously infused with various gasses, and geometric and electromagnetic frequencies of light.

This infusion is being imprinted into the Global Grid Matrix through high vibrational (fourth dimensional) soundwaves, sustaining the technology that is allowing our grid to evolve. They are now dispersing out into all matter the energy and resources necessary to create our new world, body and consciousness, and to interact with lightbeings who coexist with us from the higher elemental, galactic and angelic realms.

Fundamentally speaking, crystal technology is the medium through which the next Golden Age will come to manifest. Everyone is being impacted by the new fifth dimensional grid. Depending on how ‘conscious’ we are, this impact can be either subtle or overwhelming.

This became clear to me while running Transference Healing® on infant clients in the early 1990’s. I soon began to notice that these children were imprinted with the technology of the fifth dimensional grid.

Sustained by their heart chakras, they held technology that had not yet completed anchoring into our reality. This allowed their bodies to respond to the Earth’s changes in a quite unique way.

I came to see that children who were born from 1992 onwards had a physical and energetic sensitivity to the changing frequencies of the Earth’s grid. This manifested unusual symptoms that were often very difficult to medically diagnose. Due to its density, these children also seemed to find it difficult to feel connected to the old grid, which often made them very ungrounded.

By 1999 all children born onto the planet were completely sustained by the new fifth dimensional grid. These children birth into our world on a different and more refined vibrational level, and are uniquely attuned to energy, light and crystals. Their consciousness is more enlightened, and they see, sense and feel on a heart level. They are more attuned to vibration and frequency, allowing them to co-create consciousness through the use of extrasensory perception. They hold more light and therefore respond more effectively to sound and light technology. They see and feel their interdimensional reality and live a spiritually elevated consciousness. Though their minds are more universally and cosmically expanded, they feel a deep connection to nature. Since they were born, these children have been living in a world that is only now beginning to create itself.

These children are the Crystal Children.

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