Have You Paused and Taken a Breath Lately

When was the last time in this busy modern world you find yourselves, have you paused and taken a breath? When was the last time you gave yourself permission to slow down, to stop? In this time of rushing to constantly gain more, when was the last time you said “I am enough and my life is enough”?

Dear ones, there is nothing to gain, it is all within you. You are the spark, you are that which some call God or the universe. It is all within you. So then dear ones, why the rush to constantly seek outside of yourself for fulfilment? Fulfilment is on your doorstep, fulfilment is right there in front of you. Dear ones, you are the all. You are already fulfilled.

It is time to slow down, to take the sacred breath, look within, take the silent pause and then look around you. This is your playground, Earth is your sacred home, a place for you to create and explore. You did not come here to suffer. You did not come here to constantly compare yourself to others and to check in to see how much more “together” they might be, or “enlightened” or just doing better in the material realm in general.

Your modern society has heavy programming in regards to constantly keeping up and gaining more and climbing supposed ladders. All the while forgetting that everything you seek is you. It is all in you. But one cannot recognise this until they slow down and gracefully bow out of the rat race, even just for a few moments a day.

What gives you nourishment? What gives you the life force to walk through this incarnation with dignity and grace? It is to know that you are enough and it is all right there within you. Stop seeking outside of yourselves, it is time to go within.

With pride,


Fox Robin, or Kerry has had the gift of mediumship since she was a girl. Being able to see and feel spirits from a young age, lead her on a mission to find out more about life, death, the universe and why we are here. At age 14 after spending much of her time in Catholic School, she discovered Paganism. Paganism including Wicca and Shamanism opened her up to a new world of accepting the gifts she had and learning to safely explore the spirit realms, while also deepening her connection to nature and the Earth realms. Spending time in a paranormal investigation group also deepened her understanding of the spirit realms. Her deep connection to nature and affinity for paganism inspired her to join the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, of which she is currently an Ovate member. Her late 20s and early 30s saw a time of deep reflection, meditation and stripping back. It is her sincere wish to share her connection with spirit and to see individuals flourish, come to themselves and realise the I AM.