You are moving into the magnificence of the vibrant energies of the Solar Eclipse. During the build up to this gorgeous gateway of light, you have been releasing past patterns and old belief systems that have often held you like a prisoner without power, without clarity or light. You have intuitively been preparing for a beautiful shift that will magnetise in powerful ways all that you wish to see within you and your changing world.

Many of you will have felt different over the past weeks; you have perhaps felt floaty, dizzy, sleepy, occasionally nauseous and perhaps vividly dreaming, or the opposite and sleeping very soundly.  Lameren of the Sea, a Light Being and ancient wisdom keeper, shares through me that dimensional frequencies are falling gently to you and through you – these flows are like fresh perspectives for your path; you are feeling restless and yet reborn, impatient and yet peaceful, frustrated and yet creative – all that is rising within you, is perfect for your own awakening.

You are shifting to experience new levels of light, where your body is literally feeling more expansive and unusually ‘empty’, like a vessel waiting to be filled up with fresh water. The Solar Eclipse is a giant gateway of galactic generosity,  pouring into your vessel liquid light…that will inspire within you deep feelings of both gratitude and grace.

The Solar Eclipse is shining upon your shadows, sprinkling them with star dust – you will feel that all the things that were troubling or worrisome or reactive for you, are no longer that.

You feel as if you are walking through a garden of beauty without boundaries and you are sensing the life force of the garden and connecting with the essence of the energy that this garden creates. You feel like your feet are vibrating with the soils beneath you as you tread lightly into new areas of your own truth…and this is the key here…your own truth.

It matters not what people think of you or say about you, now you feel only compassion and grace for where they are walking and you feel more connected than ever before to your own footsteps that fall gently in your garden, in your heart space, that now call you to sanctuary and feeling sacred in your skin.

This Shift is truly you, receiving and perceiving you, perhaps for the very first time – look in the mirror, acknowledge your smile to self because this loving gesture speaks directly to your soul – soothing your inner child and co-creating with the universal energies that are embracing you and supporting you to awaken to the great wisdom within you.

The Solar Eclipse illuminates the signposts to your soul path – Divine directions where you could see none because there is so much light that follows the dark and the steps to greater feelings of purpose and service appear as if ‘out of nowhere’…steps to propel you onto your true path.

For a good six months, you have ‘danced’ around the truth of what makes you feel happy, inspired and creative – you have worked to bring on the new but didn’t want to let go of many aspects of the old either. It has been a bit like sitting on the fence; not standing in certainty either side, just sitting and waiting for some sort of ‘permission’ to begin new ways forward.

Now is the time to choose and use the thoughts that make you feel really good and really empowered, because you will feel very compelled to leave that fence and walk the grass on the greener side – the more heartfelt, loving side. This is called trusting your intuition, your ‘inner tutor’ that knows the best way forward for you, without creating feelings of being overwhelmed by change.

Say what you need to say to yourself and then others – this is the energetic ending of chapters in your life that require conscious communication to bring completion of a chapter…you now have a new story to tell; a story that speaks of your journey to joy manifesting miracles along the way.

Bliss should be an everyday feeling – it is as if you bypass ‘bliss’ in big doses because there are opposing feelings of being unworthy and not good enough. But bliss is a blessing of gratitude – when you are fully appreciating deeply the Divine in everything, you naturally lean into seeing beauty and feeling bliss.

Bliss is experienced on the inside – like a big sacred sigh that ripples through your body and beyond. Every time you gift yourself snapshots of solitude (best served with nature on the side) you appreciate more of who you are and who you are becoming, it is almost impossible to stop the smile that stretches to be seen.

‘Blissing out’ to be buoyant – this expands your light, your heart and your love. You feel that you are the captain of your own ship, sailing the cosmic seas of sacred intention; vulnerable yet vibrant, freedom with faith.

The Shift through the Solar Eclipse is enriching your vocabulary – your soul is stretching to find words that will best describe how you are feeling your way forward…flowing into a future where you ‘see’ fragments of joy piecing together your puzzle that is your true purpose on the planet.

Your purpose is to act on your own empowerment; your willingness to experience more light, because it is the experience of more light, that lifts you and many others into new areas of awakening and new levels of love.

Love is the essence of it all. Love is the learning and the power in your choice – be vocal about your decisions to let love lead the way. Do not let the fears of others become your own. When you are fearless you are a warrior for change and this is what the world is welcoming now – Warriors for the Light Way, gathering and guiding, simply by standing in stillness you become a signpost, showing others the way to their own wonderful wisdom and light too.

As the veil lifts and shifts, so do you; the doubt is dissolved and your Divine direction dances within you, waiting to move you into a new moment in time…the Solar Eclipse is speaking to your I AM presence…it is safe to surrender.

“You must understand that your soul is engineering your reality to force you to increase your light. Remember that the majority of you who are reading this have undertaken to incarnate as a large team of Lightworkers and that you are following a Divine plan…the more time and effort you as a Lightworker spend visualising and holding the light, the brighter and stronger your light will be…..”  Djwhal Khul




Tanya loves to create sanctuary, stillness and sacred space for your soul's illumination process through guided meditation groups, soul readings, flower reading events and teachings of the spiritual anatomy. Tanya is deeply devoted to you experiencing the grace and guidance of Divine Mother love, feeling the wisdom within you and walking your wonderul upon this are the One you have been waiting to awaken. Tanya writes regularly for Soul Traveller, inspiring you to feel connected, creative and empowered on your path.