There comes a time when one must pause a moment and take stock of their life; looking back from when they were a little one, right up until the present day. It is a natural pause point for many, particularly when they hit a cross roads or a major life event.

Now bring into your awareness that you have had many lifetimes on Earth, in other realms and on other planets. The soul carries the memory of all of these lives, many of you will carry personalities that have been shaped by these other lives. Many of you also, will be carrying old patterns and baggage from these lives.

You may not be aware of your previous lives or their subtle and yet powerful influence on you, but it is there and like much of what we carry, it is unnecessary. And this is where we meet the turning point. This is where the planetary alignments and energy gateways that have been opening since 2012 come into play.

You may be experiencing many emotions now, some you may not understand where they come from. These emotions dear ones are what you have brought forth from past lives. The energies on the planet right now are dredging up old stagnant energy and patterns to be released. It is the time of a fresh start and a clean slate.

I urge you all to take advantage of the energy coming to Earth at present, rather than resist it. Perspective is a funny thing. You could look at the troubles in your life, your emotions or even the rubble of major parts of your life with sorrow, or you could look at them from a different angle. One that says, this needed to end and if I had not resisted the process, it would not have been as dramatic.

Ask yourself, what else am I resisting in my life? Make peace with change, as that is the nature of being. Nothing is static, nothing is fixed and everything has its cycles. So like the seasons, where are you at the moment? Are you in the abundance of summer, or are you going inwards through winter? Resistance is the biggest hurdle to graceful change. It doesn’t have to be painful. Some endings may hurt, but the degree to which and the drama you create around it (or not) is entirely in your hands.

Understand that change is happening on a global level also, not only on a personal level. Earth is in a time of great transformation. Do you want to help her in her birth? Then do so, by gracefully accepting change in your own life.

Mother Earth holds her own energy too, which is gratefully being released. Be gentle with yourself, others and Mother Earth in this time. For all is as it should be.

In awareness,

I AM Cuchulain

Fox Robin, or Kerry has had the gift of mediumship since she was a girl. Being able to see and feel spirits from a young age, lead her on a mission to find out more about life, death, the universe and why we are here. At age 14 after spending much of her time in Catholic School, she discovered Paganism. Paganism including Wicca and Shamanism opened her up to a new world of accepting the gifts she had and learning to safely explore the spirit realms, while also deepening her connection to nature and the Earth realms. Spending time in a paranormal investigation group also deepened her understanding of the spirit realms. Her deep connection to nature and affinity for paganism inspired her to join the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, of which she is currently an Ovate member. Her late 20s and early 30s saw a time of deep reflection, meditation and stripping back. It is her sincere wish to share her connection with spirit and to see individuals flourish, come to themselves and realise the I AM.