What a beautiful New Moon medicine you will receive this October month! Diwali is also celebrated in India at this time; this is the Festival of Lights and signifies bringing the light to the darkness.

This New Moon speaks to your soul about balance, boundaries and beauty, encouraging you to ask yourself new questions so you can discover your wonderful capacity to create new pathways of potential.

Balance brings the light of clarity to the grey of confusion and invokes better breathing, so that you can inhale more of life. Are you balancing your mind with daily meditation, ritual, nature and play? Remember that you are energy and energy expands with light fuelled by love.

To fuel your body temple with love (self-love) you may need to create positive, empowering boundaries by speaking your truth and honouring the wisdom within you. Are you ‘shrinking’ your light to please others? Are you sitting on insights that could serve others? Is it time to seek out a soul tribe that feels more supportive and aligned with your divine direction?

Earth Mother blesses you daily with her great natural beauty and she asks you to also acknowledge your own inner beauty. Feel gratitude for the landscape of love deep within you and your ability to see the magnificence of the trees, the animals, the minerals and each other.

All New Moons are for new beginnings. Small steps towards change like choosing to respond in positive ways rather than react in negative ways, will support change in your consciousness and ultimately change on the planet. Goddess Lakshmi is celebrated during Diwali because her light lifts all limitation and opens doorways to prosperity, well-being and good fortune…let her grace and goodness guide you during this lucky time.

This New Moon have an intention to embrace more light. Erect a small altar with candles, flowers, crystals and sit in stillness, journey from your head to your heart and listen…the wisdom is truly within you. May all Soul Travellers be blessed beyond belief, may miracles follow miracles and laughter be loud in your soul.

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Tanya loves to create sanctuary, stillness and sacred space for your soul's illumination process through guided meditation groups, soul readings, flower reading events and teachings of the spiritual anatomy. Tanya is deeply devoted to you experiencing the grace and guidance of Divine Mother love, feeling the wisdom within you and walking your wonderul upon this planet....you are the One you have been waiting to awaken. Tanya writes regularly for Soul Traveller, inspiring you to feel connected, creative and empowered on your path.