New Moon in Leo speaks of fiery potential, courage, leadership and the Divine Design outside of disorder…Lord Shiva is pure consciousness – golden light that beams brightly upon the lion heart of Leo….let your love be known…sacred seeds be sown….

Shiva walks right on by your side. Whoever you are.

When you travel, he travels.

Shiva is consciousness covered in ash, a prince adorned with cobra snakes wearing the moon for a hat. His favor falls unstained and is unadulterated by cultural inertia or social regulations.

He loves the quark and he loves the quantum scientist.
He loves sages and graverobbers alike.
He loves energy because he is equanimity.

He loves love because he sees love where love has been buried and forgotten itself. He loves waking it into emergence and giving it structure.
He never quits, especially when love forgets itself for a while..

Shiva digs everyone. He digs deeply – and especially digs outsiders. The ones who head for the edge.

Often seen walking with hungry ghosts and holy hosts. He hears and knows each prayer ever uttered.
Within any universe.

Saints and sinners alike adore him for this.

Like a cosmic social worker on steroids Shiva is quick to deliver remedy to those who need it more than they know.
His cures are slow – yet his medicines are fast to act. Sometimes taking the time to get it right..
.. means taking lifetimes of getting it otherwise:

yet now is the only time we ever find ourselves within.

The right time is now. The wrong time.. never!
Universe is paradox in a box.
Shiva unlocks the box. Every element dances in his name.

A true healer harmonizing all things and beings.
Receiving and transforming all influences.
Rejecting nothing or no-one.

Shiva is Consciousness and Consciousness is the bomb – an excellent ‘invisible’ friend to have. He dispels fear as he lights up the bridges that were blocking your dreams.
He powers up the cosmic wish fulfillment machine.

Intention is the switch and your love is the¬†Key…….AShA
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