A portal of potential that embodies balance, beginnings and great blessings.

There is so much magic in March, with the Full Moon and the Equinox falling on the same date! This has not occurred since 1981! Another amazing Super Moon falling in zero degrees Libra (zero is the number of infinite possibilities) so you know this will be a portal of infinite potential that embodies balance, beginnings and great blessings for your soul path.

Let us re-remember that you are in the Age of Aquarius, represented by the Water Bearer, pouring forth upon you the crystalline waters of Consciousness that will purify your purpose and passion for spiritual development.

Energetically you are in an Age of self-awareness, self- realisation and transformation born of self-love, that rises from the Divine Feminine (symbolised by the Water) to restore your natural intuitive nature through opening your heart and feeling the wisdom within you – wisdom born of love not intellect, where your soul seeks full expression.

When there are peak planetary alignments manifesting magic with the moon and the sun, you are intuitively aligning with this empowering energy, whether consciously or unconsciously and your soul is stretching to support you to integrate the light energy available.

This full moon in Libra is magnifying your soul’s desire for expression through Balance – balance between your material and spiritual life and enhancing this energy is the Equinox, when night and day are of equal length.

“EQUINOX is a VERY important gateway moment observed by the most ancient wise ones… The March Equinox holds the energy of balance & unification. Itopens dimensional doorways & bathes YOU in a huge influx of light codes to uplift, empower & awaken YOU to higher levels of consciousness!” Kyrona Hope

This week you will be feeling a need for solitude so that you can surrender deeply into your Divine nature; in this heart space you feel centred, connected and directed. You are inspired to make positive choices that enhance spiritual growth and bring balance to the “busy” of your physical life experience.

The most empowering tool for restoring the awareness of your Divine nature is MEDITATION. It is an essential daily practise that expands your light and radiant life force.

It is good to think of meditation as ‘presenting yourself each day to the Divine Presence’, throwing open the windows of your soul in moments of sanctuary and stillness to illuminate your spiritual evolution through LIGHT…and light is LOVE. And through the Power of Love you understand the Power of Thought and magnetise to your being the blessings of balance, beauty, joy, prosperity and well-being, for self and for service to others.

This full moon in March is pregnant with the promise of positive change if you are honest with yourself and look at what must go for you to grow.

Are you using your energy wisely? Do you need to protect your energy resources from within and begin a practise of daily meditation and appreciation? Are you open to spiritual study to support abundance and joy in your physical environment? How can you create balance to break away from old conditioning and pioneer new pathways of purpose fuelled by wisdom, power and love?

The best way to support peace on the planet is to seek the presence of peace within you…

If you feel inspired during this time to begin a daily meditation practise, I would love to support you by offering my free Meditation eBook, click on the link below


All love and illumination…Tanya xxx

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