This Sagittarius Full Moon is all about feeling your frequency and flow from a foundation of faith.

Perhaps lately (past 2 – 3 months) you have felt that you have fired fabulous arrows of intent only to find that they didn’t quite hit the mark, didn’t quite manifest the outcomes and opportunities you had hoped for.

Take heart, a big bit of retrograde and renewal was on the agenda, yet now you are shifting your awareness and activating arrows fuelled with inspiration and refreshed perspective.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is energising your physical anatomy so that your spiritual anatomy can best intuit the most powerful and productive path ahead.

This is all about feeling your way forward – calling in clarity and clearly ‘checking in’ from within. Wisdom settles into your sacred skin and you literally feel stronger; charged up to create incredible lasting change.

There is a sense of co-creation; you do not feel alone in this awakening, actually you feel fully guided to harvest happiness on your own terms. Sacred seeds are stirring, so you may be feeling like your job is done in several situations and you feel you will be moving on to manifest elsewhere in magical ways.

You feel more connected and corrected through surrendering your need to know. You are meandering into the marvellous terrain of trust – you see the sun and the golden rays wash away debris of doubt and disbelief. You believe to receive now, noticing the signs and symbols of sacred support all around you and in number sequences that speak of a shift to self-mastery through self-acceptance that you are right where you need to be.

Your heart plays the biggest part in expanding your life experience during this time of harvest – mind takes a back seat to the sunshine that shimmers from your inner sun, your solar plexus, your point of power.

There may be deep emotional tears that you are unable to define – it seems there is no rhyme or reason to the cleansing and clearing that continues to a much deeper level. A depth dreaming of devotion to your dreams and birthing new beginnings that feel blessed by the ‘unseen’ forces that fire up a new frequency and faith. It is good to simply bathe in this beauty…your beauty.

May all Soul Travellers taste the sweetness of this strawberry moon…Let Go to Grow.

Artist: Kerry Nelson  * I have used this beautiful artwork called ‘Daughter of the Moon’ for an article in 2015 but I love it so much that I felt I just had to use it again.



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