This Full Moon in Taurus, Mother Moon Hugs the Earth…and you are of the Earth; you are a sacred seed held in the ancient soils and all wisdom is within you. Are you nurturing your seed, your soul, with the fertiliser of faith? Are you willing to awaken your wisdom and rise in radiant ways? Are you contributing calm or chaos to your cycles of creative change?

It is vital that you spend time with your Mother…Earth Mother. When you feel your foundation, which is ‘felt’ as a vibration of loving nurture from the splendour of Nature, you are anchored into her strength; you feel balanced and whole and you just know that the entire Universe has your back…you literally feel your faith as you flow forward on your soul path.

Life gifts you with challenges purely for you to feel the power of choice – you get to choose if you will respond or react to life…your life! If you are ‘responding’ you are taking responsibility for your joy; you are welcoming ways (like guided meditation) that quieten your mind and enable you to hear your heart, your wisdom within, and you move and manifest from a place of peace.

If you are ‘reacting’ you are resisting the wisdom within you. You are busy. Too busy to bother with inner peace, too busy to listen to your inner tutor (your intuition), too busy to take responsibility for your joy and you look to others and the outside world for answers…this never ends well.

You are intimately aligned with the cycles and seasons of nature – nature does not resist change. Nature knows that change is a creative constant in all life. Nature remains calm in the storm because this is old energy meeting new energy head on, and spectacular growth is gained when the storm has passed…which it will, because it is the Universal Law.

Embrace your storms! They will energise and empower you with radiant life force – BE the calm, not the chaos. Respond to Life and let your sacred seed, your soul, surrender to new beginnings and blessings…this is your birthright of abundance and joy. Be Joy.

Receive Mother Moon’s hugs – let her gentle feminine nature soften your storms and strengthen your spirit…you are Luminous Light and you are Love. Be Love.

All blessings of illumination…Tanya xxx

Artist: Irene Tusell


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Tanya loves to create sanctuary, stillness and sacred space for your soul's illumination process through guided meditation groups, soul readings, flower reading events and teachings of the spiritual anatomy. Tanya is deeply devoted to you experiencing the grace and guidance of Divine Mother love, feeling the wisdom within you and walking your wonderul upon this are the One you have been waiting to awaken. Tanya writes regularly for Soul Traveller, inspiring you to feel connected, creative and empowered on your path.