Soul Travellers, This Full Moon in Gemini will give us a heads up on what it’s like to dwell in the Twin’s perpetual realm of duality.

“It’s complicated”.

Have you seen that relationship status pop up on Facebook now and again? I’ve always wondered what it meant, are you in a relationship or not? It’s a simple question yes or no, right? Well no, sometimes it’s not so black and white.

This Full Moon is likely to find us experiencing conflicting desires represented by the Moon in Gemini in opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius amped up in its quest for truth and nothing but the truth. We may feel torn and somewhat confused and this is intensified by Saturn’s tense square dance with Neptune in the heavens right now.

Saturn is the Planet representing the reality police and Saturn is just not too crazy about having to negotiate with Neptune’s daydreaming ways. Shall we succumb to Saturn’s reality and accept the state of things as they are or choose to follow Neptune and imagine reality the way we want it to be?

As always in the light of the Full Moon we need a synthesis and I will be meditating on the wise words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

love Devorah

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Deborah (Devorah) is passionate about art, music, sound and vision, the mythic, the mystical and the sacred and she genuinely likes to connect with others, sharing the stories of our lives. Professionally she has managed two professions since she was a teen as a Broadcaster and as a Stargazer. Deborah holds a Graduate Diploma in Radio Broadcasting and is certified with a Diploma in Psychological Astrology and has taught ‘Astrological Compatibility’ at Nature Care College, one of Australia’s most reputable Natural Therapy colleges. Through her esoteric studies encompassing the deeply mystical Kabbalah, Deborah seeks to weave ancient symbolism, myth & archetype together. As well as consulting with individual clients, Deborah also runs metaphysical workshops sharing her understanding of Celestial patterns. She observes the Art of Astrology offers soulful perception that can help uncover meaning and purpose from what is unfolding in our lives, so we can connect more deeply with our inner wisdom and spirit, acknowledging the ancient Hermetic principle - “As Above, So Below” - Deborah (Devorah) is a regular member of Soul Traveller Radio and can be reached at the following:- Mob: (+61) 0421661204 - Skype: - Web: - Email: - Blog: - Soundcloud: - Facebook: -