“As if you were on fire from within….the moon lives in the lining of your skin….” Pablo Narudo

There is a beautiful energetic alignment happening during this full moon frequency and it speaks of your wealth of emotions that are here to lift you, if you allow them the freedom to flow and show the truth of where you are at.

Your presence is felt on all levels now – thoughts are as powerful as words spoken out loud – use your sacred sound as a tool for transformation and empowerment; let your soul speak loudly of your intentions to walk a whole lot more wonderful onto this planet.

This full moon medicine asks you to pay attention to your inner dialogue; watch out for those persistent patterns that cloak your clarity with confusion – your self-talk in the positive is powerful…partner with your shadows now to understand the Universal law of magnetism…like will attract like!

Let your heart shine brightly to beckon in your soul tribe – welcome new connections, left of field events and pay attention to the people around you, they are your best teachers to guide your transition from past patterns that no longer serve you, to the light bulb moments of love awakening within you.

Use the mantra of “new moment in time” whilst inhaling 3 deep breaths of beauty and light, this will remind you to remain in the flow of radiant new beginnings. Full moon magick will always ask us to release, refresh, re-set and renew our heart intentions to live out loud our infinite capacity to love and be loved…..blessings for your BEing…

Artist:  Carlos Quevedo

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Tanya loves to create sanctuary, stillness and sacred space for your soul's illumination process through guided meditation groups, soul readings, flower reading events and teachings of the spiritual anatomy. Tanya is deeply devoted to you experiencing the grace and guidance of Divine Mother love, feeling the wisdom within you and walking your wonderul upon this planet....you are the One you have been waiting to awaken. Tanya writes regularly for Soul Traveller, inspiring you to feel connected, creative and empowered on your path.