What is peace? What is it really? Can it be bought? Can it be obtained through certain acts? Is it obtainable? Humans are always on a quest to find peace, if only they could find peace they would be happy, or perhaps if only they could find happiness they would know peace? It does not really matter which way you look at it, I wish to turn it on its head.

What are your shadows? What are the “dark” aspects of you? What does society tell you you shouldn’t have or feel or think? What do you tell yourself shouldn’t be in you? It could be all manner of things. Humans are good at identifying “baggage” and putting themselves through so many methods of ridding themselves of it.

Dear ones, may I say that you are approaching it from the wrong angle. No it isn’t pleasant to carry bad thoughts and feelings around with you, wounds of the past, this “baggage” as you like to refer to it as. And no, it isn’t pleasant either to walk around denying parts of yourself, parts of yourself you may be ashamed of. However, when you enter into oneness consciousness, the idea of ridding yourself of anything becomes absurd.

There is so much focus and so much attention on one part of yourself, that you all tend to forget that there are other parts, more enjoyable parts to place your awareness on. I often hear humans state that they will not know happiness of peace until they rid themselves of their baggage. Dear ones, I want to point out to you, that happiness and peace are an intrinsic part of you. They are you. Just as the darkness is you also.

You can make a game out of anything you want – that is the expansiveness of your being. However, there is only so long you can play the “getting rid of my baggage” game until you get frustrated with chasing your own tail. You may perceive that you have cleared something, only to find something else. Or that aspect you feel you cleared years ago comes around again to surprise you.

It is not about getting rid of or releasing anything. If you want to be free of what haunts you, then you must make peace with it. Once you make peace with an aspect of your being, then it can no longer rule you. Then it will not take up your time or attention, in a lot of ways it dissolves back into the ether. It will always be there, you hold all potentials and aspects within you. It is the acceptance that matters.

Do you accept yourself? What are you doing to make peace with your whole being? It is something to reflect upon. You deserve no less.

I AM St. Germain

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Fox Robin, or Kerry has had the gift of mediumship since she was a girl. Being able to see and feel spirits from a young age, lead her on a mission to find out more about life, death, the universe and why we are here. At age 14 after spending much of her time in Catholic School, she discovered Paganism. Paganism including Wicca and Shamanism opened her up to a new world of accepting the gifts she had and learning to safely explore the spirit realms, while also deepening her connection to nature and the Earth realms. Spending time in a paranormal investigation group also deepened her understanding of the spirit realms. Her deep connection to nature and affinity for paganism inspired her to join the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, of which she is currently an Ovate member. Her late 20s and early 30s saw a time of deep reflection, meditation and stripping back. It is her sincere wish to share her connection with spirit and to see individuals flourish, come to themselves and realise the I AM.