Win 1 of 5 “Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms” Oracle Card Sets by Kye Crow to Giveaway

Goddess Kye Crow and her very special partner Gill, for the longest time have pioneered a path of promise for all animals in need of nurture and protection.

They are big-hearted warriors who walk upon this planet with trust, integrity and passion. They are tireless in their service to the animal kingdom and they truly inspire gateways of love – inviting us all to join them on their journey and to believe in the magic of infinite possibilities.

Following the success of her book “Ghosts and Ghoumas”, Kye has created “Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms” – with wisdom from the fae, dragons, inner earth flowers, trees and magical stones. This box of beautiful blessings will support the wisdom within you; each and every card is visually captivating, holding powerful vibrations of love, healing and light to illuminate your soul path of plenty and purpose.

I am already a caretaker of a set of ‘Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms’, so I asked the cards what message they would most like to share; I drew ‘Birth’ and just to be sure I asked once more …’Birth’ appeared patiently again! I know that Eagle is speaking to us of the shift that is occurring in our consciousness, encouraging us to expand our awareness and stay in the flow of faith…here is an excerpt from the guidebook on ‘Birth’…

“Huge shift immanent. Radical new path. Birth and creativity. Long-nurtured dream needs a little more nurturing. Excited Anticipation.

The birth of a pure white eagle has long been foretold, whispered from grandmother crone to mother to fledgling daughter. It will only be born when the people of the earth wake up to the truth that we are all intricately connected, all one, and that what we do to the animals and birds, the reptiles and insects and fish, we do to ourselves…”

We are the change we wish to see in this world and Kye’s deep love and understanding of the animal realms has created a channel of communication that opens hearts and doorways to divine directions and outcomes for the life that you love to live!”

25% of all profits are donated to ‘ArkHeart Foundation’ ( to set up sanctuaries that care for and rehabilitate all species of animals, including birds and parrots that have endured years of suffering living in cages. If you would like to purchase these cards or other Kye Crow products go to

Wishing all Soul Travellers loads of luck, light and laughter for this giveaway and all gateways to your golden good…Tanya x

Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms

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