In this eleventh month, on the eleventh day, in an eleven year, if you are aligned with your spiritual anatomy, you will experience the energy of The Dawn in your Being.

For many moon cycles now, you have noticed with great reverence the consistent signs of all variations of 11:11; they have captured your attention, blessed you with confirmation and supported you in abundant ways to shift your awareness and awaken to deeper aspects of your beautiful soul path and purpose.

You have opened your heart to receive these radiant reminders that you are indeed the Spiritual Navigator of your Soul’s Perfect Plan and you have literally pioneered a pathway of change…you have consciously walked away from comfort towards creative.

Now you are ready to experience The Dawn of Your Divine Direction…and I can already hear you asking, ‘what exactly is my Divine Direction?!’

It is the gentle path of loving kindness; it is the way that appeared through honouring your sensitivity and vulnerability, whilst committing to a daily practise of prayer and meditation.

It is the dawn of Christ Consciousness integrating into every single cell of your body and your Being…it is the Joy that you feel as you journey into the radiant realms of self-love and surrender and it is the embodiment of your natural knowing, your inner-tutor, your intuition…you know now that this is your truth and your reality, as you rise and reclaim your point of power.

Below is the breakdown of 11:11 that is the ‘breakthrough’ to new beginnings…the dawn of a new day and a new direction;

11 – Speaks to your Soul Path of SELF-MASTERY; taking small and steady steps that create lasting change and support you to illuminate your unique gifts that light up your life and that of others – mastering your mind to manifest golden gateways of greater good.

111 – Speaks to your Soul Path of GUIDANCE AND GRACE; the ‘unseen’ force of Source energy, and/or the awareness of the Ascended Masters or the Angelic Realms that eliminates feelings of separation and gifts you with great ‘insight’ (your intuition) to propel you on your path of Soul expansion.

You ‘feel’ your way forward, trusting that you are a part of the perfection on this planet. You embrace the knowing that you are energy and you are a living Light Body, refining your spiritual anatomy (your chakras) and transcending perceived limitation…you let Love lead the way.

11:11 – Speaks to your RADIANT HEART; you feel the fullness of the Divine Feminine softening you in gentle and nurturing ways. You feel flexible and connected to the river that runs deep, re-remembering that you are Divine, that you are ignited through ceremony and devotion and that you absolutely deserve to walk a Divinely inspired direction…you Love all that you are and all that you are becoming. You have experienced a Shift in your perceptions of yourself. You feel empowered, full of purpose and now new pathways appear.

11:11 Also speaks to your SENSITIVITY; this is not a curse, it is a great blessing! Deep sensitivity to the energy of others and all of nature enables you to make choices from a strong foundation of Earth Mother Love. Like letting the ocean, the trees and the sacred soils beneath your feet, ground you on your Soul Path. Your sensitivity supports greater self-love; you become comfortable sharing your emotions…this is courage and gives permission for others to do the same.

It simply does not matter where/who/how you have been; or what negative beliefs you have allowed to box you in; or what choices you have made (or didn’t); what matters most now is your willingness to raise your awareness through learning and understanding that there are many doorways directing you on your map of magnificence and that 11:11 (or any other number variations in sequence that speak to your soul) is CONFIRMATION of your capacity to create from where you are standing.

At the dawn of every new day, you are perfect, whole and complete; pioneering your path of empowerment with your heart as the ultimate GPS, navigating your spiritual direction – all your detours were part of the same trip and essential to your adventure of awakening to who you really are in this moment.

Re-remember that it is your WILLINGNESS to develop a daily practise of prayer, meditation and mindfulness that supports you to set sail into the cosmic sea of CLARITY!

Clarity is the opposite of confusion; direction is the opposite of doubt; freedom is the opposite of limitation and control; courage is the opposite of weakness and love is the opposite of fear. 11:11 is confirming your infinite potential and power to create change; if you resist, your old patterns will persist.

The Day of the Dawn (11:11:11) is your ‘green light go’ to living your life feeling good and in your flow – trusting in the ‘unseen’ and weaving wellness into every cell of your beautiful body.

You are a co-creator, a student, a teacher and a spiritual alchemist. You have the wisdom within you to transform all experiences with love. You are infinite, and you are enough! Bask in the radiant rays of your own Soul Shine.

As a quick “note to self’- please know that when you choose the road less travelled, you will meet with obstacles and challenges because you are raising your vibration and expanding your light…there are many who are not ready to receive more light and may rattle and react in your presence…respond with loving kindness, trusting that they will receive when they are ready…in their time, not yours. This is called ACCEPTANCE.

On this day of The Dawn, I send you blessings of abundance, illumination and deep joy…Only Love…Tanya xxx

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Tanya loves to create sanctuary, stillness and sacred space for your soul's illumination process through guided meditation groups, soul readings, flower reading events and teachings of the spiritual anatomy. Tanya is deeply devoted to you experiencing the grace and guidance of Divine Mother love, feeling the wisdom within you and walking your wonderul upon this are the One you have been waiting to awaken. Tanya writes regularly for Soul Traveller, inspiring you to feel connected, creative and empowered on your path.