This week we delve into conscious rock with some of the latest tracks and hidden classics. Brisbane metal band Tai Sui show how to navigate, Birds of Tokyo sing about the new Empire and Hip Hop Rocker Manafest calls us to Shine On. This is the Conscious Rock Special on Soul Traveller Radio Show.

Also featuring Dead Letter Circus, Thousand Foot Krutch, Wolfmother, Crimson Sun, Foo Fighters, Switchfoot, COG, Grace Mitchell, Linkin Park and Post Death Soundtrack.

TFKWe also have a copy of a special Winter Jam EP by Thousand Foot Krutch for you to download for free to celebrate their US tour. Click here to download for free.



Soul Traveller Radio Show Conscious Rock Special

Also check out the Soul Traveller Radio interview with Adam Weston of Birds of Tokyo


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