This week on Chi Time, Clara Apollo chats with Tim Freke about his most significant book to date… Soul Story “Evolution and the purpose of life” out on April 21st.

About Tim Freke

His last book, ‘Deep Awake’ is a great foundation for ‘Soul Story’ to build from and introduces us to his Emergent Evolution theory. Along with the generally accepted evolution theory espoused by Darwin & Wallace in the physical and biological worlds, our Soul has also been undergoing a major development and progression. This is a truly fascinating line of enquiry and resonates in a deeply real way for all us Mind, Body, Spirit explorers.

although-we-seem-to-be-separate-individuals-in-reality-we-are-all-expressions-of-one-primal-quote-1Tim’s work is at the cutting edge of Spiritual Philosophy in the world, he talks about living on this edge as  conscious change makers surely do. His style, wisdom, humour and canny knack for eloquently describing profound deep truths will have you curious to find out more and more, mainly about yourself. He reminds you to be conscious of two perspectives of personal experience, Soul or Psyche, and Spirit – Oneness. 

Chi Time’s Clara Apollo is truly honoured to have such an erudite scholar on Chi Time… “he activates such an easy expansion in his audience. Be in his expressive energy field and watch your own be inspired.” 

His man is a font of superlative wisdom and Big LOVE!

With his parting advice being what his dear old Mum used to say:

“Do your best. Bring out the best in yourself and offer it to life”

Tim Freke is a multi scholared author and personal transformation facilitator, writing over 30 books, translated into many languages and working around the world, from his home in Glastonbury UK.

Listen to the interview above or watch the video here.

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