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Soul Traveller Radio Shows


oin KAren Swain, medium and teacher of Deliberate Creation, for Accentuate the Positive self-empowerment radio Monday & Wednesday nights 7pm QLD time 8 PM Sydney.. Special repeat at 7pm on Sundays UK and USA ….time 

KAren teaches Deliberate Creation and is transforming lives one inspiring story at a time. Receive answers to your burning questions through enlightened stories from teachers, musicians, healers and Difference Makers. KAren plays a mix of pop, r&b, indie, folk and soft rock uplifting music.

“We live in a magnificent world inhabited by incredible people doing amazing things. It’s time we know more about them.  News should not be just about what is going wrong in the world, it’s about celebrating what is going right and what else is possible! My vision is to see more Love in the media…”

Listen to podcasts of some of KAren’s inspirational guests here… 

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hi Time is a consciousness raising, awareness encouraging, positivity engaging, interview and music show designed to offer you an insight into the weave of worldly wellbeing topics of offer at these times of great change and possibility.

The show is hosted by Clara Apollo, a Chi Kung, Meditation and Reiki teacher who lives ‘between homes’, other peoples! as she travels around teaching and learning from all the meet ups that occur. There’s such a diverse range of inspiring new consciousness leaders who have found insightful and accessible ways to help us see and experience how we can evolve way passed any expectations when we ‘do’ this ‘work’ both individually, and when practicing and sharing together.

Listen to Chi Time on Thursdays 7-8pm with a repeat on the following Tuesday 8-9pm.

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onscious Crew has had a facelift. The new Conscious Crew, hosted by Shayne Locke and the Soul Traveller Radio team features the latest in conscious music, interviews, reviews, competitions and plenty of laughs plus each week the show will feature a special guest dj, playing their latest tracks and conscious music they have specially selected for the show.

Tune in every Wednesday and Sunday night at 6pm for the best in Conscious Music.

The host Shayne Locke is the producer of Soul Traveller Radio and one of a collective of contributing writers for Sage Magazine, Wisdom For The Soul Traveller. Shayne is taking his music passion and combining it with his spiritual path to help bring conscious music to the world through Soul Traveller Radio.

Check out some of Shayne Locke’s posts and articles here.


oin Rosie Shalhoub, Sayne Locke, KAren Swain and an inspirational guests each week as they chat with the latest authors and artists. Nourishing your soul with the magic of Embrace.

Think of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” and that is what comes to mind when you tune into the magic of Embrace. We are all striving to make this world a better place through the work we do on the planet that helps to enhance, uplift and cherish our souls. We are “embracing” everybody’s cultures, religions, faiths and differences and aiming to bring the world all together as ONE!

Rosie Shalhoub – is the founder of Embrace was given a vision at a very young age. She always knew that it was part of her destiny to create an environment of love, peace, harmony and beauty that would be shared by many.

Although still stuck in a time warp of the 80’s, Rosie has always blamed “it” on the gypsy in her soul.

A free spirit with a sense of adventure and an attitude for fun, her style has always been quirky & cheeky mixed in with a whole lot of passion & love.

KAren Swain – is a psychic/medium, channel and teacher of Deliberate Creation passionate about spreading enlightenment and empowerment across the globe with her media shows, seminars and teachings. Her life path is dedicated to awakening your connection to your soul’s perspective and guidance through the conscious and loving transmission of divine energy. Find out more at