The Magical Power of Sound


In the beginning was the Word…

and the Word was…Sound..

Every single layer of life throughout the universe vibrates to sound. It has been said that the earth itself rings like a bell.

Human beings are so sensitive to sound that noise pollution has been called the most common modern health hazard. High levels of unpleasant sound can cause blood vessels to constrict; blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rates to increase; extra fats to be released into the bloodstream; and the blood’s magnesium levels to fall. And it’s not just loud sounds that disturb us, but also those that are dissonant or unharmonious.

For thousands of years, cultures throughout the world have used the powers of music to heal the body, mind and spirit, and yet it is only recently that the field of sound healing has emerged into full-scale public awareness.

Studies have shown that music can reduce stress, enhance immune system function, slow down and balance brain wave activity, reduce muscle tension, increase endorphin levels, and evoke feelings of love and inner peace.

Apart from the effects it has on our physical being, certain sounds can also open doorways to other dimensional realities, as they alter the vibrational frequency of our energetic fields.

For millennia, many great spiritual traditions have prescribed the repetition of certain sounds to promote the experience of transcendent realities. The ritualistic use of specific chants, prayers, incantations, affirmations, and holy words can be found worldwide. Certain meditation practices that emphasize the repetitious chanting of special sounds or mantras have been found to have demonstrable health benefits.

Our ancient ancestors understood that a simple sound could reorganise the body’s structure and that specific tones correspond to specific areas of the body. Each chakra for example, can be balanced by a specific tone. In fact, sounds can affect all the various senses and organs of the body, stimulating either the deterioration or regeneration of these systems.

Sounds that are harmonious can activate the body’s natural healing abilities, but sounds that are discordant can result in severe disturbance and imbalance in the way we function.

We are only now beginning to understand that music can heal us. Music affects us physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. French physician Dr Alfred Tomatis, discovered that different frequencies and rhythms of sound had remarkably different effects on his patients’ state of being. High frequency sounds increase energy levels and create feelings of calm, while low frequency sound often proves disorienting.

Unfortunately, in modern life we are surrounded by low frequency sound. The constant hum of computers, fridges, microwaves, buses and the like create body imbalance, which when severe enough, can develop into a state of ’dis-ease’. If however, we regularly immerse ourselves in the high vibrational sounds found in the symphony of nature, we can redress the balance.

Birdsong, the gentle sound of a breeze, cascading waterfalls and streams, and the rhythm of waves breaking on the shore – all these are healing for the body and soothing for the soul.

High frequency, harmonic music can produce similar results. Music is a universal language and indeed the human body is intrinsically musical; right down to its DNA which has it’s own melody! Our genes are composed of strands of DNA, which in turn are made up of four nucleotides.

In an imaginative leap, geneticist, Dr. Susumu Ohno, assigned musical notes to these four substances. The result was a melodic composition that his musician wife Midori, fleshed out with harmonies. When the scores were performed by professional musicians, these DNA-based compositions were variously taken for the music of Bach, Brahms, Chopin, and other great composers. The melodies are were so majestic and inspiring that many people hearing them for the first time were moved to tears. They could not believe that their own bodies which they thought to be composed of a mere collection of chemicals, could contain such uplifting and beautiful harmonies.

The human body is a self-healing instrument if only given an opportunity to demonstrate it. We are genetically pre-programmed to heal ourselves! Certain music can greatly assist us in activating this innate ability, by bringing the body back into its natural state of balance and harmony.

Sound has extraordinary power. Much Scientific evidence now coming to light, seems to verify the teachings of our ancient ancestors who believed Sound to be at the very centre and core of everything that exists in the universe.

In the beginning was the Word…and the Word was…Sound.