Soul Traveller Meditations Live


soul-traveller-meditation-liveOne of Soul Traveller Radio’s regular’s announcers, Tanya Allison, has been producing Soul Traveller Meditations Live – guided meditations recorded with a live group, bringing through the amazing energy of each meditation. There have been several meditations that have held a special place in Tanya’s heart and this latest meditation is one that she wanted to share with everyone. With music supplied by SOLON, the track “Oed und leer das Meer” which assists Tanya in bringing through the energy of the The Golden Chrysalis.

Tanya and SOLON have made the meditation available to download for free from Soundcloud. Download, share it and experience the beautiful energy of the Golden Chrysalis as you let it begin to transform your live.

Download the full meditation (or listen to it online) here.

Also check out the SOLON track here.

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