original-noise_trade_cover_artFor the past ten years, Matthew Perryman Jones has been making music that has drawn comparisons to everyone from Jeff Buckley to Leonard Cohen. With the touch of a poet and the narrative of a short story writer, his songs are at once deeply resonant and intimately articulate. Ahead of the release of two new EPs this year and a brand new album next, Matthew is taking a moment to thank his fans with¬†In a Decade – The Complete Works. Whether you’ve been with him from the very beginning, or are just getting introduced, take advantage of this opportunity to own every album, every single and a few rarely heard gems.

We will be featuring some of Matthews music during coming¬†week’s Conscious Crew Show. Be sure to head over to the Noisetrade website and download Matthew Perryman Jones full collection. Thats every album, live track and demo can be yours including the duet with Katie Herzig “Where the Road Meets the Sun”

Download the collection here.

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