Soul Traveller Radio is excited to be part of Moola Mantra Month.

Last year I learnt the power of the Moola Mantra. One of the oldest sanskrit mantras known and one of the most revered. In the darkness of night when I was crying out for help and wondering how I would cope, the comfort of saying the mantra and the knowledge of what it meant gave me strength to face the next day.

On the flip side, in the morning light with the cool air and sun on my face, the mantras gave me an understanding of why I faced the circumstances I did. In fact, when I asked my partner, Tanya Allison to help me find a mantra, for some reason beyond physical understanding, the Moola Mantra was the one that floated into both of our minds.

This month is Koti Moolamantrotsavam which is basically Moola Mantra month. I am taking up the challenge of 10,008 Moola Mantras in May and I would love you to join me. You can do it on your own or as a group by registering with Pasquo and Lisa Cassetta of Oneness Australia.

You have to register before 10th May and registration is completely free. Click here to find out more and register.  And please connect with us at or on to let us know you are joining us.

moola mantra

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