Interview with Deya Dova and Review of Deya Dova – Myth of the Cave by Shayne Locke

Deya DovaThere are few albums throughout the history of worldwide Indigenous culture that have managed to capture the dreamtime legends in such a modern setting like Deya Dova’s new offering, Myth of the Cave. It should be said however that this album, whilst closely tied to past dreaming is equally as tethered to future dreaming, the evolution of our consciousness and understanding, seen through the myths and stories of our past.

A sensory overload of music, the ancient sounds of tribal drums and Deya vocals blend in with the future sounds of deep bass that bring a feast to our ears, demonstrating a natural progression that has been felt throughout Deya Dova’s musical history.

From the opening sounds of Myth of the Cave, Deya places us into a place of intensity, waiting for the birth of our ancestors, linking the mountains of the earth to the stars, the way of the emergence. The lyrics blend a sense of ancient future past, the like you could only imagine or see in the movies. Strip back who we are now to see who we were in order to become who we need to be. That is Myth of the Cave. The rawness of life mixed with the urgency of survival, for if we are to evolve, we need, desperately to embrace the myth of our past.

Myth of The Cave then takes us further into the Dreamtime with the origins of the Bird Tribe and the prophecy that the Bird Tribes will rise once again to herald us into the new evolution.

“It is legend 
The Ancient Ones will rise again 
See my soul of different colours 
See my feathers worn from within”

Musically the Return of the Bird Tribes works so well with a mix of English and Deya’s own “light language” which she describes as an ancient tongue, long forgotten from the first tribes.

The album takes us through a journey from the hunt, to the discovery of the Feathered Serpent, an iconic image that is found in cultures around the world from South America to Egypt, China to Ankor Wat. It is an image of the birth of our civilisation that Serpents Egg describes:

“Ride the Snake. I am the Serpent.
Pulsing. Carving. Earth we’re Birthing planets.
Stars & Canyons. Smashing through glass ceilings.
Open till we Soar. Open till we Soar”

However not only is it the birth of a planet, it is also the birth of the energy within us all; and it is this understanding that Deya subtly reminds us of in Hollow Bone as she connects the Winged Legend to energy of Source all around and within each of us.

“Oh this is all that we needed 
Tapping into Limitless Free Energy 
Oh holding onto these lightening bolts we’re free 
Oh plugged into the Source directly” 

This “future past” album finishes with a song, The Great Sky Lodge, recorded in Turtle Island, the indigenous name for Northern America as she completes the circle from ancient indigenous cultures around the world on the journey to rediscovering who we are with the sounds of the Sky Woman (or White Buffalo Calf Woman) summoning us back to the sky that we once came from.

Myth of the Cave is a journey that is at times fast and pounding; and at other times delicate and touching; but at all times it is a deeply spiritual journey of remembrance that many are coming to understand.

“Oh we’re tying the stars to the mountains 
The mountains to the stars. We are so high 
That we can see beyond the wall of our own horizons 
Waywayah. Waywayah. Tying the stars to the loom.”

Deya Dova provides a vehicle with Myth of the Stars that allows us to see beyond the walls we have built into a world that is waiting just within our reach. A world that connects us with the dreaming of our past and the prophecies of our future. But more importantly it is showing us where we need to be right now.

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