shutterstock_430532683-334x500In the essay “Be the Bison” from Gopi Kallayil’s wonderful book “From the Internet to the Inner-net’ he writes that “when the swift & brutal winter storms strike in the valleys & mountains of Montana, the wind starts howling & heavy snow covers the ground. All the wild animals flee before the storm — except the bison. The bison is the only animal that will turn toward the storm, lean into it, and walk to meet it. It knows instinctively that if it does this, it will be out of the storm sooner. This is why Native Americans call the bison ‘Faces the Storm’.”

Isn’t that a great story? You may wonder what is has to do with this week’s podcast.

Well my latest New World Kirtan has posted, the first one I’ve done since the election. It’s all about facing fear. I’ve been facing a lot of fear over the past several weeks, and not just about our new President. I’ll tell you about it in this week’s show. Chants featured are by Blue Spirit Wheel, Deva Premal & Miten, Krishna Das, Suzin Green & Dave Stringer.

Kitzie Stern’s New World Kirtan Podcast