KAren Swain ATP MediaI recently spoke with Krista Gorman on Accentuate the Positive show on Soul Traveller Radio. A physician’s assistant in a busy hospital emergency room in the US, Krista had a Near Death Experience (NDE) while she was giving birth to her daughter in the year 2000.

She was able to watch her physical body give birth to her daughter from above and then she left this time space reality to commune with her spirit Guides and Angels in another dimension.

Krista, like many of us, had many burning questions Krista Gromanabout this diverse contrasting physical life experience. Questions like.. Why do we have war? Why do babies get sick and die? Why do people do terrible things to each other? Why is there so much cruelty in this world? Who am I and how can I help?

When she was hanging out on the other side, she said that in one instant, in a moment of pure insight, all her burning questions were answered and it all came down to LOVE. She was also told to go back and tell, or teach others, what she learnt. Have a listen to our fascinating conversation on ATP Media here.

There are so many people today who have reported having NDE’s, in fact Millions across the globe are said to have  experience this. I experienced hanging out in higher dimensions after my best friend took her life when I was in my thirties. One does not have to die to have a spiritually transformative experience, but when you do, it really gets your attention and then it is harder to ignore the messages your inner-being, or higher-self and spiritual guides want to relay to you.

Why is it important to explore who we are and what happens in the Afterlife? In truth, there is NO Afterlife, there is ONLY Life, which we can experience in differing dimensions while we explore differing density of consciousness, as our soul travels through the eternity of existence.

This 3D time space dimension is a particularly difficult one as we journey through life under the veil of forgetfulness while being driven by a egoic mind, which believes we are separate to all others and the universe. And so our team on the other side of the veil are knocking themselves out to get our attention and remind us we are LOVED.  Sometimes they do this by literally knocking us out of our bodies so they can have a good chat with us, and remind us why we came to this life and what we can achieve here when we have a committed relationship with our inner-being and spiritual guides.

I will be exploring this further at the Afterlife Explorers Conference in Byron Bay January 14 2017, as I speak about who we are as spiritual beings, cruising through a physical life existence, and how are relationship with our broader knowing and source of love, summons amazing powers of manifestation.

Here’s to a ecstatic connected 2017 as we travel through this world knowing we are loved. KAren Swain xx

For more details check out the Conference here 

Afterlife Explorers conference

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